Lucilla Steinaa

Personal Information
Staff picture Full name Lucilla Steinaa
Position Principal Scientist, Immunologist
Telephone +254 20 4223000

Work at ILRI:

My research is focused on development of vaccines for the control of African swine fever, caused by a virus, and East Coast fever, caused by a protozoan parasite. Both diseases are important in Sub-Saharan Africa. We aim at developing live attenuated vaccine candidates for ASF and we are doing research towards the development of subunit vaccines for both diseases, which includes antigen discovery and testing of delivery systems. I am also involved in molecular epidemiological aspects of Bluetongue virus.

Professional/Research Interests: Vaccines, immunology, infectious diseases among other things. 


I have worked at ILRI since 2009, where I have led parts of the reserach for the development of a subunit vaccine for East Coast fever, and I have recently expanded my research area to include African swine fever vaccine research and Bluetongue research. I have a background from the private biotech sector, where I was involved in the development of proprietary platform technologies for a vaccine biotech company and for a company developing a polyclonal recombinant antibody platform. Post platform developments, I was involved in and initiated several product discovery projects within the virology area and cancer area as senior scientist or project manager, leading to several patents in various research fields. Regarding pathogens, I have experience with HIV, Vaccinia virus, RSV, adenovirus, T.parva, ASFV and BTV. I have an MSc and PhD in immunology/cellular immunology, which is my strongest expertise followed by virology / parasitology, molecular biology and protein chemistry. I have vast experience with animal experiments (small and large animals) and with establishment of new methods/research areas. She has about 25 years of experience (post MSc) in conducting and managing research project in the discovery phase.



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