Lucilla Steinaa

Work at ILRI:We aim at producing an improved vaccine for East Cost fever (ECF) which is the most important cattle disease in East Africa. ILRI is currently leading an ECF consortium with components of identifying a suitable delivery systems, discovery of new CTL and antibody targets, sequencing of additional parasite strains, stage specific expression profiles etc.

Professional/Research Interests: Vaccine immunology, infectious diseases and cancer. Interactions of cytotoxic T Cell (CTL), T-helper cells and APC, CTL induction, improvement of responses by adjuvants, vaccine development.


Background: Lucilla has a background, since 1995, from the Biotech sector in Denmark where she worked in two different companies, Pharmexa A/S and later Symphogen A/S as research scientist, senior scientist and project manager. The work was concerned about human vaccine development and generation of therapeutic antibodies to various diseases.   Beside this, she has been involved in various aspects of technology development projects leading to platform technologies for the companies. She received my PhD in 2001 in cellular immunology from University of Copenhagen, Denmark.  This work was concerned about breaking of cytotoxic T Cell (CTL) tolerance, CTL induction and vaccine generation.  Very early on she was employed at Hvidovre hospital in Denmark doing research in the Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) lab there.


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