Mr. Martin Ngunjiri Kanyeki

Personal Information
Staff picture Full name Mr. Martin Ngunjiri Kanyeki
Position Research Assistant, Integrated Genotyping Service and Support (IGSS)
Telephone +254 20 422 3095

I am a research assistant under the Integrated Genotyping service and support (IGSS) platform. My main role is offering technical advice on sample collection, storage, DNA extraction and shipment of DNA samples to BecA for Genotyping. I am mainly involved in IGSS laboratory operations specifically DNA extraction, Library preparation and DNA sequencing using Illumina 2500 to produce Genotyping by Synthesis (GBS) molecular marker data. I use DArTSoft14 customized data analysis tool to analyze the marker data in order to produce a comprehensive molecular marker report that is the backbone of providing decision support to IGSS clients and increasing efficiency of breeding programs.

Prior to joining ILRI, I worked for six months as an intern fellow at Kenya Medical Research Institute Centre for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Control Research (KEMRI-CIPDCR). I was involved with diagnosis of HIV/AIDS using reverse transcriptase PCR and monitoring of cd4 counts in Dried Blood Spot (DBS) samples from health facilities from all over Kenya. I also worked in the biochemistry, bacteriology and mycology laboratories.

After joining ILRI, I attended one year Genotyping training at Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) in Australia. This training enhanced me with technical skills in DNA extraction, Library preparation, purification, quantification and Sequencing. I also acquired skills in data management using DArT database (DArTdb) and basic molecular data analysis using DArTsoft14 which is a customized algorithm based analysis software. After this success training I was qualified to serve as a research technician for the IGSS platform.

I have a Bsc in Medical Biotechnology with IT from Maseno University. My interests are application of modern molecular breeding tools in improving breeding in Africa.

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