Meron Mulatu

Meron is a Communications and Publishing Officer in KMIS. She joined the publications team January 1998. She has a certificate in Graphic Design from Sessions School of Design, New York.  She also has BA degree in Business Education from Addis Ababa University and a Diploma in Secretarial Science and Office Management from Addis Ababa Commercial College . Major tasks are: Designing and and doing the layouts ILRI communications materials, reports, publications and web products Managing the InfoCentre public and meeting spaces Managing external and corporate communications for ILRI Addis Organizing ILRI exhibitions Coorinating media relations for ILRI Addis (mainly events) Contributing to the organization and reporting of ILRI events Providing targeted communications and designs support to ILRI projects Facilitating internal communications across ILRI and its intranet with emphaiss on Addis Compile and produce weekly what's on Addis updates on activities in Addis for staff and partners Supporting directorate staff visiting the campus as required