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The strongly held but wrong perception among farmers in Babati District that use of mineral fertilizers destroys the soil is a major cause of the low crop yield in the district. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Oct/2014

An assessment of post-harvest handling practices and food losses in a maize-based farming system in semi-arid areas of Central and Northern Tanzania was carried out in 2012. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Oct/2014

Nearly half of the farmers in the Africa RISING action sites in Tanzania integrate vegetables into their maize-based farming systems as a strategy to increase and diversify their income and diet according to a household socioeconomic characterization survey conducted by Africa RISING. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Oct/2014

In this interview, Robert Richardson introduces himself and his work with Africa RISING. It is one of a series of portraits of key people in the project. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Aug/2014

Effective weed management can increase rice yields by more than 50%. This farmer to farmer video shows how to control weeds in lowland rice by using herbicides in a safe and efficient way. Continue reading

Africa RISING, Jun/2014

A global action plan to fight cassava viruses was published in the Food Security Journal early this month. The Bellagio Conference Roadmap, was developed at cassava expert meeting that took place in Bellagio, Italy, in May 2013 by an alliance of approximately forty researchers with varied backgrounds – from agronomy to social sciences Convened by [...]

Beca-ILRI Hub, May/2014

Lydia Wamalwa is a molecular plant scientist with the International Potato Center (CIP) whose research in Kenya is hosted at the BecA-ILRI Hub in Nairobi. Lydia and her colleagues at CIP are working to develop sweetpotatoes that will fight off the sweetpotato weevil without using pesticides. The sweetpotato is an important food crop in developing [...]

Beca-ILRI Hub, Apr/2014

South Wollo is blessed with an abundance of agro- industrial by-products: Wheat bran from flour factories, oil cake from small scale oil processing factories, as well as brewers waste from a beer brewery. Traders who process their pulses in small grinding mills take away flour as well as husks of pulses as well as ground … Continue reading

LIVES, Mar/2014

Some 5 years ago Ato Berhanu Mulu – the Kalu District fruit and vegetable subject matter specialist, initiated an Association for the production and sale of tropical fruit seedlings – mango, avocado and citrus. Over the years, membership increased from 25 to 53 and most members are young man – only 2 female members. After … Continue reading

LIVES, Feb/2014

Samuel Angwenyi, a research assistant attached to the Cornell University component of the BecA-ILRI Hub Capacity and Action for Aflatoxin Reduction in Eastern Africa (CAAREA) project has been awarded a scholarship by The South African Centre for Infectious Diseases Surveillance (SACIDS). For the past year, Angwenyi has been conducting analysis on samples collected from field trials to help [...]

Beca-ILRI Hub, Nov/2013


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Kimani Wilson
Research Technician