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The finalized Livestock and Fish CRP Commissioned External Evaluation (CCEE) report on the Program’s value chain approach is now publicly available. The report makes 24 recommendations and 29 suggestions, subdivided according to four main areas of investigation and 12 evaluation questions. Continue reading

Livestock and Fish, Dec/2014

A study was carried out to evaluate the impacts of microcredit and value chain intervention projects for livestock on women’s empowerment. Using the Women Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) and adapting it for measuring empowerment for women and men in both economic and rights dimensions as a result of livestock microcredit and value chain interventions in the Kenyan context, the researchers from this study recognized that for the most part, indicators of economic empowerment and rights seemed to agree in terms of empowerment and disempowerment. Continue reading →

ILRI Livelihoods, Gender and Impact, Dec/2014

A new book on the role of smallholder and family farms in sustainable agriculture, published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in October 2014, is highlighting the important role of the livestock sector in developing countries.

Deep Roots, which is a co-publication of FAO and Tudor Rose and features a chapter: ‘Livestock farming boosts local economies in developing countries’ by researchers from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) was launched at the global closing event of the 2014 International Year of the Family Farming (IYFF) in Manila, Philippines on 27 November 2014. Continue reading ...

ILRI Asia, Dec/2014

At its 41st session in October 2014, the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) requested the High Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) to prepare a study on Sustainable agricultural development for food security and nutrition, including the role of livestock, to feed into CFS debates at the Plenary session of October 2016. Continue reading

Livestock and Fish, Dec/2014

This poster, prepared for the ILRI@40 series of events, highlights past trends and future predictions of emerging zoonotic infectious diseases using a conceptual framework of the causal links between livestock keeping, nutrition and health outcomes among the poor.

AgHealth, Dec/2014

A new study has revealed the extent to which dairy farmers in Tanzania are under-served by the feeds manufacturing sector, which despite having adequate capacity, is operating at only 50% of installed capacity. On average, dairy feeds account for just 4% of what is produced by feed manufacturers in Tanzania, with poultry feeds production dominating … Continue reading

Sustainable Livestock Digest, Dec/2014

A new insurance scheme in Ethiopia, known as index-based livestock insurance, aims to reduce losses, support pastoral communities, and lower the risk of conflict sparked by pastoralists migrating into agricultural areas in search of forage or water. Continue reading

IBLI, Dec/2014

Scaling up transdisciplinary research so that a systems approach can be applied by more and more scientists could make a huge contribution to development in smallholder farming. Continue reading

ILRI clippings, Dec/2014

To address gaps in the dairy production in the region, the Oromia Livestock Development and Health Agency (OLDHA) in partnership with the LIVES project established the Oromia dairy platform, on 6 November 2014, which will create a dialog and policy forum for relevant stakeholders in the dairy sector. Continue reading

LIVES, Dec/2014

ILRI and its partners are developing highly productive dual-purpose crops and presenting a strong case for further, stronger collaboration between national and international crop and livestock institutions. Continue reading

Livestock Feed and Fodder blog, Dec/2014


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