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Part I of this working paper classifies small ruminant sub-systems in the mixed crop livestock system in Ethiopia. In Part II, important determinants of small ruminant productivity and producers’ input use and marketing strategies were analysed across the six small ruminant sub-systems identified in Part I. Continue reading →
LIVES, May/2016
The Rahwa poultry association, which is run by eight women in Tigray, used the LIVES mini incubator to increased egg hatchability from 55- 83%. Continue reading →
LIVES, May/2016
This working paper synthesizes results of action research activities and performance of the technology at larger scale, discuss implications of the results and draw recommendations for effective and sustained application of the technology in Ethiopia. Continue reading →
LIVES, May/2016
Despite their economic and social importance, socioeconomic and marketing research on small ruminants has so far been limited, a fact which also holds strongly true in Ethiopia. This study, based on survey data of 5004 Ethiopian smallholder households, uses analysis of descriptive information and econometric analysis to draw implications to promote market orientation. Continue reading →
LIVES, May/2016
This study aimed at developing a baseline understanding of producers, use of inputs, production performance, marketing, institutional and infrastructural environment and support services in order to identify potential areas of improvement for action research and poultry value chain system development in Ethiopia. Continue reading →
LIVES, May/2016
Last month, a Livestock and Fish gender integration writeshop pulled together the learning and experiences from 14 gender integrated technical, systems and value chain research projects from across the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish. Here are three points of reflection from the KIT team. Continue reading →
Livestock and Fish, May/2016
Originally posted on ILRI Clippings: ILRI poster prepared by Tarni Cooper (concept and text), James Wakhungu (translation) and Timothy Hall (cartoons and design) as part of a What Is Killing My Cow? project in Tanzania. The poster was one of three communication tools used for seeking informed consent, which were tested and compared for participant…
AgHealth, May/2016
This brief gives an overview of the beef value chain in Vietnam's Dak Lak province and some policy interventions to increase its efficiency. Continue reading →
ILRI Asia, May/2016
ILRI researchers joined over 500 scientists, civil society, investment agencies, research institutions, policymakers, young agripreneurs, farmers and the media from all over the world gathered at the Global Conference for Agricultural Development (GCARD3) held in Johannesburg 5-8 April 2016 to discuss innovative systems for delivering development impacts. Continue reading →
ILRI clippings, May/2016
A new policy report published by RESULTS UK this week, highlights the Index Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) Program in Kenya, as one of the initiatives that are successfully reaching vulnerable people with climate risk insurance in developing countries. Continue reading →
IBLI, May/2016


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