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The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) has renewed collaboration with the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD) to support the country's livestock sector. Continue reading

ILRI clippings, Jan/2015

Livestock are an important component of the farming system in Tanzania’s Babati District. However, recent increases in demand for food within the farming community in the region have led to permanent cultivation of more land to expand crop production. This has led to significant reduction of pastures for livestock, consequently leaving them vulnerable to starvation … Continue reading

Africa RISING, Jan/2015

Before year 2007/08, the system of wetland grazing management was communal in west shoa zone of Ethiopia, although there was loose control from individuals on their piece of grazing lands. Nowadays, private grazing land and hay preparation are becoming common in West shoa zone. “If a person is herding his animals in June in one place, you will find him/her in the same place in September” explains a community member in West Shoa zone; showing the high degree of private use of grazing lands and the disruption of the previous rotational system between wetland and upland areas.At the moment,the private grazing land (0.25 to 0.5 ha/household on average) is used for hay making and/or grazing. Furthermore, private grazing lands are larger in size than communal ones and the latter are diminishi...

LIVES, Jan/2015

Miss some presentations of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) this year? Arranged by topic below are some of our favourites. What were yours? What are we missing? List them in the Comment box below, please! And remember to check ILRI's Slideshare site for all our presentations and posters: Continue reading

ILRI news blog, Dec/2014

The Ethiopia Livestock Master Plan is about the biggest piece of cooperation between the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and the Ethiopian Government for a very long time. The presentation that HE Dr Gebregziabher Gebreyohannes, State Minister for Livestock Resources Development gave on 5 December 2014 made a splash for this all-important Plan for now and years to come. Continue reading

ILRI clippings, Dec/2014

Strong demand for milk in Bihar Province, India, for direct human consumption and for vital nutrients for the community, has provided an opportunity for one farmer to venture in business. The International Livestock Research Institute is providing opportunities for better feed and this is improving the quality and quantity of milk as this story shows. … Continue reading

Sustainable Livestock Digest, Dec/2014

Agricultural management can do only so much to increase the resilience, diversification and risk management of the developing world's livestock-keeping communities. Their successful adaptation to climate change depends heavily also on their being supported by enabling policy and other environments. What that in turn depends on is reliable evidence of just how big a difference livestock adaptations can make to household incomes and food security provided in timely ways and appropriate formats. Continue reading

ILRI news blog, Dec/2014

Scientists from ILRI contributed a chapter on livestock farming in the book "Deep Roots" by FAO, launched in November 2014.

AgHealth, Dec/2014

An ILRI project in Somalia aims to strengthen local capacity to mobilize and use knowledge from Somali livestock research in decision making. It also aims to enhance the capacities of public and private sectors to improve livestock products’ marketing and safety. Continue reading

ILRI clippings, Dec/2014

The finalized Livestock and Fish CRP Commissioned External Evaluation (CCEE) report on the Program’s value chain approach is now publicly available. The report makes 24 recommendations and 29 suggestions, subdivided according to four main areas of investigation and 12 evaluation questions. Continue reading

Livestock and Fish, Dec/2014


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