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Women represent 70% of African smallholder chicken producers. Chickens can be a real way out of difficult livelihoods for these women and the households they attend to. A new project, SciDev.Net recently reported, is aiming at leveraging this potential in novel ways. Continue reading

ILRI clippings, Nov/2015

On 14-16 September 2015, the Safe Food, Fair Food project partners held their final synthesis meeting in Berlin, Germany to share and compile the progress on the pilot intervention studies to improve food safety in livestock and fish value chains in sub-Saharan Africa. We also reflected on the overall achievements of the project and constraints … Continue reading

Safe Food Fair Food, Sep/2015

Working closely with development partners in Tanzania, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) has developed an approach to collective action, referred to as a dairy business hub (DBH) Continue reading

Livestock and Fish, Oct/2015

Livestock, the fastest-growing, highest-value and a highly controversial agriculture sector, is at a crossroads. Following a new set of 17 sustainable development goals, the current and potential roles of livestock systems in food and nutrition security and other aspects of sustainable development, including the environment, human health and livelihoods, continue to be debated. Opinions are sharply divided in the industrialized world between those who consider animals to be more part of the solution and those who consider them to be more part of the problem. Continue reading

ILRI news blog, Oct/2015

This paper from the World Bank explores whether ownership of various livestock species increases consumption of animal source foods and helps improve child nutritional status. Continue reading

ILRI clippings, Oct/2015

Greater awareness on the health benefits of milk and dairy products is needed to raise their consumption in Tanzania. Continue reading

ILRI clippings, Sep/2015

ILRI Uganda recently partnered with Veterinarians without Borders, Mukono Local Government and the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries (MAAIF) to train pork butchers in Mukono District on pork hygiene, carcass handling and biosecurity practices. Continue reading

Livestock and Fish, Sep/2015

Researchers from ILRI and partners have developed and piloted an institutional innovation—a training, certification and branding scheme for informal value chain actors—with good potential to improve the safety of animal-source foods sold in informal markets. Past development policy often focused on formal markets, which at best meant neglect of informal markets and often resulted in harassment and penalties for informal agents. Continue reading

ILRI news blog, Aug/2015

A new paper describes and assesses the strength of a theory of change for how adoption of farm-level technologies and practices for aflatoxin mitigation can contribute to reductions in aflatoxin exposure among consumers in a market context. Continue reading

ILRI news blog, Aug/2015

The book, Food Safety and Informal Markets: Animal Products in Sub-Saharan Africa, based on ILRI-led research, is now open access. Continue reading

Safe Food Fair Food, Jul/2015


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Adie, Aberra
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