Eunice Atieno Omondi

Eunice Atieno Omondi


Eunice is a  Veterinary Officer working at the Transfer and Receiving Facility of the Central Veterinary Laboratories in Kabete, Nairobi. Eunice Has been working in the veterinary laboratories for 12 years and has vast experience in laboratory operations and analyses using various techniques. She has participated in multiple activities in the department including surveillance, outbreak investigations, research projects training, seminars and workshops. Eunice has extensive training on matters veterinary and has specialized in Epidemiology and currently working as a Laboratory Epidemiologist.

Eunice joins the project as an officer representing the Director of Veterinary Services (DVS) in the project and she will lend her expertise in technical support and processing of samples in the co-infection project.

My Projects


Co-infection with Rift Valley fever virus, Brucella spp. and Coxiella burnetii in humans and animals in Kenya: Disease burden and ecological factors