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Poverty reduction, livelihoods and jobs

Building on a 50-year track record 
of lifting millions out of poverty.

Poverty reduction, livelihoods and jobs

ILRI research contributes to the CGIAR impact area on Poverty reduction, livelihoods and jobs. 

More than 25% of the world’s population lives on less than US $3.20 a day, making a healthy diet unaffordable for more than 3 billion people. And poverty disproportionately affects rural areas, where agriculture is the predominant livelihood activity. Improving the livelihoods, jobs, and incomes of small-scale producers and other vulnerable people in agrifood value chains is crucial to the wellbeing of millions, and to the world’s ability to feed a growing population.

Browse research initiatives that contribute to this impact area.


Poverty reduction, livelihoods and jobs research initiatives


Excellence in Agronomy for Sustainable Intensification and Climate Change Adaptation

Scientist at work

Foresight and Metrics to Accelerate Inclusive and Sustainable Agrifood System Transformation

Scientist at work

Harnessing Digital Technologies for Timely Decision-Making Across Food, Land and Water Systems

People at market

Market Intelligence

Woman selling fish

Resilient Cities Through Sustainable Urban and Peri-Urban Agrifood Systems

Woman with livestock

Sustainable Animal Productivity for Livelihoods, Nutrition and Gender Inclusion

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Cut and carry in India

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How and why better livestock feeding starts with farmers

Using the Livestock Master Plan (LMP) process to influence livestock sector development in Nepal


Gate opener policy session: Using the Livestock Master Plan (LMP) process to influence livestock sector development in Nepal

Participants in the markets group synthesise findings (Roopa Gogineni/PASTRES)


Joint PASTRES-ILRI policy workshop offers a vision for the future of pastoral development

Participants at the pastoralism photo exhibition. (Roopa Gogineni/PASTRES)


How can a new narrative on pastoralism influence development policy and practice?

ILRI's Derseh wins inaugural Neville Clarke Award

ILRI's Derseh wins inaugural Neville Clarke Award

Building a Community: The Gender and Livestock Data Community of Practice


Partners assess progress in implementing the Tanzania livestock master plan

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Role of the interaction space in shaping innovation for sustainable agriculture: Empirical insights from African case studies

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Population genomic analysis provides evidence of the past success and future potential of South China tiger captive conservation

  • Chen Wang
  • Dong Dong Wu
  • Yao Hua Yuan
  • Meng Cheng Yao
  • Han Jianlin
  • Ya Jiang Wu
  • Fen Shan
  • Wan Ping Li
  • Jun Qiong Zhai
  • Mian Huang
  • Shi Ming Peng
  • Qin Hui Cai
  • Jian Yi Yu
  • Qun Xiu Liu
  • Zhao Yang Liu
  • Lin Xiang Li
  • Ming Sheng Teng
  • Wei Huang
  • Jun Ying Zhou
  • Chi Zhang
  • Wu Chen
  • Xiao Long Tu

Yelemat Tirufat: An Overview of the initiative and lessons of experience from selected livestock development interventions in Ethiopia

  • Dessie, Tadelle
  • Zewdie, Yihenew
  • Yilma, Zelalem
  • Ayalew, Workneh
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Affordability of meat for global consumers and the need to sustain investment capacity for livestock farmers

  • Ederer, Per
  • Baltenweck, Isabelle
  • Blignaut, J.N.
  • Moretti, C.
  • Tarawali, Shirley A.
ILRI publication cover

Engaging fathers to support child nutrition increases frequency of children’s animal source food consumption in Rwanda

  • Flax, V.L.
  • Ouma, Emily A.
  • Schreiner, M.-A.
  • Ufitinema, A.
  • Niyonzima, E.
  • Colverson, Kathleen E.
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Co-infections of respiratory pathogens and gastro-intestinal parasites in smallholder pig production systems in Uganda

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