This page brings together ILRI and partner resources on Zimbabwe. It shows information on projects, news items, research outputs, video materials and presentations as well as ILRI people working in the country.


Tadelle Dessie

Tadelle Dessie

Principal Scientist - Animal Genetics/Breeding

Sikhalazo Dube

Sikhalazo Dube

ILRI regional representative, Southern Africa

Siboniso (Boni) Moyo

Siboniso (Boni) Moyo

Deputy Director General for research and development - Biosciences

John Recha

John Recha

Scientist, Climate-Smart Agriculture and Policy

Saba Ermyas

Saba Ermyas

Communications Officer

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Related Publications

Assessing the challenges hindering livestock productivity, fodder availability and use in Ward 16 of Mutoko District, Zimbabwe

  • Makiwa, P.
  • Nyandoro, P.
  • Kapembeza, C.
  • Mutsamba-Magwaza, E.F.
  • Chakoma, Irenie

Characterizing the livestock production system and the potential for improving production in Selonga, Gwanda District, Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe

  • Kunaka, K.
  • Nyahangare, E.
  • Siziba, S.
  • Chauke, E.
  • Gwatisira, C.
  • Tinarwo, K.
  • Chakoma, Irenie
  • Manyawu, Godfrey J.

Capacitating One Health in Eastern and Southern Africa: An overview

  • Knight-Jones, Theodore J.D.
ILRI publication cover

Can systems thinking assist policymakers navigate the complexity of the livestock sector in developing countries?

  • Mugo, Cynthia
  • Bahta, Sirak T.
  • Aboah, Joshua
  • Chan, Derek
  • Baltenweck, Isabelle
  • Kimani, Judy

Report of the regional workshop on building the capacities of higher educational institutions to educate, train and empower the next generation workforce to tackle One Health issues, Gaborone, Botswana, 22-24 November 2022

  • Yussuf, Buke
  • Ballantyne, Peter G.
  • Richards, Shauna
  • Knight-Jones, Theodore J.D.
  • Caron, Alexandre
  • Mutua, Florence K.
  • Pule-Meulenberg, Flora
  • Grace, Delia

Consultative Workshop on the Co-development of National Framework for Weather, Water and Climate Services (NFWWCS) for the Southern Africa sub-region

  • Amha, Yosef
  • Recha, John W.M.
  • Demissie, Teferi D.
  • Solomon, Dawit