Bioscience Facility

Bioscience Facility

Who we are

The ILRI Bioscience facility is a shared research and capacity building platform that hosts modern bioscience applications accessible to agricultural scientists in the region.  The facility consists of a state of the art suite of bioscience platforms that enables the work of African and International scientists through research, capacity-building and by providing research related services. The facility attracts and hosts a wide range of scientists from African national agricultural research systems (NARS), One CGIAR Centers including ILRI, Advanced research institutions, private sector, regional and international initiatives.

The facility hosts high-end bioscience technology platforms which cover a range of technologies required for genomics, bioinformatics, mycotoxin and nutrition analysis, diagnostics, immunology, microbiology, plant transformation and tissue culture.  The facility also provides a range of research-related services to scientists who may not necessarily be hosted on the platform including: automated nucleic acid extraction, genotyping and sequencing, plant growth facilities, Biosafety level -1, -2, -3 and biorepository facilities.

The hosting of a wide range of scientists with diverse research needs and strategic partnerships with research institutions and private sector entities ensures (i) continuous availability of an up-to-date suite of relevant technologies (ii) availability and accessibility of a broad expertise on the platform, working together through research and capacity building activities to transfer knowledge and skills as well as improve the utility and use of bioscience-based agricultural solutions. The platform therefore empowers scientists to develop and harness innovations in response to national, regional, and global challenges relating to the five SDG-focused impact areas under the CGIAR 2030 Strategy. 

Our laboratory quality objectives:

  • Provide reliable, quality and competitive laboratory services.
  • Maintain an efficient and effective Quality Assurance System through implementation of the principles of good laboratory quality management systems, to ensure continuous laboratory improvement.
  • Endeavor to consistently provide customer value and satisfaction of services through communication with clients.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.