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Global Capital and Big Livestock

8th World One Health Congress, 20 to 23 September 2024, Cape Town, South Africa.

8th World One Health Congress

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9th International Greenhouse Gas and Animal Agriculture Conference

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Celebrating 40th Anniversary of ILRI’s Forage Genebank

Seeds for the future: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of ILRI’s Forage Genebank

Pipetting in ILRI labs

ILRI–Thermo Fisher Scientific Molecular Diagnostics and Agrigenomics Workshop

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing

Vaccines and antimicrobial resistance: From science to policy

UNEA-6 photo by UNEP



UNEA-6: Sustainable dairy ecosystems

A Kenyan woman eats a meal

UNEA-6: What's cooking? Developing solutions to transform the current food system

Woman on cellphone listens to climate advisories

Climate and Clean Air Conference: Launch of the framework for gender-responsive livestock development

Rwandan dairy farmer

UNEA-6: Raising Farmer Voices: Advancing Methane Mitigation in African Livestock Systems