Samburu woman using the Mbiotisho app (ILRI).

How can African animal agriculture benefit from the current technological revolution?

The current technological revolution presents a unique opportunity for African animal agriculture to flourish. 

In his keynote address, Appolinaire Djikeng, director general of the International Livestock Research Institute, will emphasize how the affordability of genome sequencing opens the door to genomic selection in low- and middle-income countries, while in situ nanopore genome sequencing aids in livestock pathogen detection. 

He will highlight how landscape genomics allows for the tailoring of genotypes to specific environments, and how positive selection analysis guides genome editing. 

Furthermore, policymakers and researchers can leverage climate prediction models and aerial imagery to optimize pasture utilization. 

However, challenges like limited funding and capacity building must be addressed. 

These innovations hold the promise of boosting productivity, sustainability and resilience, ultimately empowering African animal agriculture to meet growing demands and thrive in a changing landscape.

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