Rwandan dairy farmer

UNEA-6: Raising Farmer Voices: Advancing Methane Mitigation in African Livestock Systems

Event Summary

CCAC Agriculture Hub Meetings – Part 1 

This panel brings together diverse perspectives on building sustainable and resilient African livestock systems, focusing on methane emissions reduction. Representing farmers' voices, a Kenyan farmer will provide firsthand insights into the challenges faced on the ground, informing discussions on policy and community engagement. Kenya's presentation will highlight efforts to integrate methane reduction measures into livestock masterplans, showcasing collaborative approaches between government agencies, local communities, and international organizations. 

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) will present innovative methane mitigation solutions tailored to African contexts that combine new technologies with local knowledge. Danone's presentation will showcase how their dairy productivity work in Morocco drives emissions reduction while enhancing farmer livelihoods. By bringing together these perspectives, the panel aims to foster dialogue, exchange best practices, and inspire actionable solutions for building resilient and sustainable livestock systems across Africa. 

Moderator: John Tauzel, Global Agriculture Methane, EDF  

  • Claudia Arndt, Mazingira Centre, ILRI: Strategies to mitigation methane from ruminants in low- and middle-income countries
  • Bernard Kimoro, Climate Change and Livestock Sustainability of Kenya’s State Department of Livestock: Role of improved GHG Quantification methodologies (Tier 2) under extensive systems to support country driven methane mitigation policies and measures
  • Alex Gitonga, Dairy Investment Consultant and Livestock Nutritionist: How policymakers can better incorporate farmer needs into methane mitigation measures
  • Emmanuel Marchant, Africa Milk Sustainability, Danone: Supporting Climate resilience of small holder farmers in Northern Africa, the learnings of Danone

ILRI Representation

Claudia Arndt

Claudia Arndt

Senior Scientist - Team Leader of the Mazingira Centre