Investigating fodder as a cash crop—a micro-enterprise for Indian dairy women

ILRI research with Indian women dairy cooperative on growing forage crops as a cash crop

This and all photos on this page are of members of the Mulkanoor Women’s Dairy Cooperative, located in the Indian state of Telengana, who are participating in an ILRI research project to investigate the feasibility of growing forage plants as a cash crop (photo credit: ILRI).

ILRI scientist Michael Blümmel is investigating the merits of growing forage plants as a cash crop.

Blümmel is working with small-scale women dairy producers who are members of a large women’s dairy cooperative in the semi-arid Telengana state of India (formerly part of the state of Andhra Pradesh)—the Mulkanoor Women’s Dairy Cooperative.

Forages as a cash crop offer income opportunities for women with comparatively little investments.

These micro-enterprises are currently being tested with an annual sorghum forage that could be harvested 7 times each year, yielding more than 400 tons of fresh matter.

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