Assessment of economic impact

Assessment of economic impact of priority animal diseases and their control in India

Quantifying the financial loss from particular disease provides valuable indication towards the importance of the disease to regional economy and also a measure of benefits to be gained from eliminating the diseases. Financial loss estimates also provide a first indication for which diseases the potential economic benefits from control might be ‘larger’ or ‘smaller'.


  • Estimating the economic losses due to priority animal diseases in India
  • Estimating the cost of national control strategies for priority diseases and benefits from disease control interventions


  • Estimation of economic losses due to diseases using official government data
  • Estimation of economic losses due to diseases using sample survey studies / primary data
  • Estimation of economic losses due to diseases using published information in scientific journals
  • Disease prevention cost assessment
  • Calculating the benefits of national animal disease control strategy

Expected outcomes

  • Helps in visualizing the impact of the disease in relational context among diseases per se as well as assist in prioritizing the disease control/eradication options.
  • Helps the policymakers in resource allocation between and within the sectors and more specifically in animal health deciding the priority diseases for undertaking control/eradication programs to derive maximum benefits with the available limited resources.


Vijayalakshmy Kennady

Vijayalakshmy Kennady

Research & Communications Officer, South Asia

Sirak Bahta

Sirak Bahta

Senior Agricultural Economist