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Winnie Ogutu and Patricia Koech


Winnie Ogutu and Patricia Koech: A convergence of purpose in Nairobi's meat safety

A cow in a village in Western Kenya. Photo credit: Mark Nanyingi


ILRI scientists’ work highlighted in International Summit on the Societal Role of Meat and special volume of Animal Frontiers

Cambodia taskforce scales up activities in line with country’s new food safety law

A livestock master plan is produced for India's Odisha State

Addressing the challenges of cattle and beef trade in Nigeria

Media clippings: media workshop on food safety reporting

Nghiên cứu mới cho thấy khả năng kháng kháng sinh của vi khuẩn Salmonella trong các mẫu thịt lợn tại các cửa hàng bán lẻ và cơ sở giết mổ ở Việt Nam

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