Modernising meat inspection using risk-based approaches


A workshop at the SafePork Conference in 2023 delved deeply into the concepts and practicalities of risk-based meat inspection. Such approaches could significantly improve food safety while making the process more efficient and cost-effective.


Alban, L., Albuquerque, E.R., Capobianco-Dondona, A., Kautto, A.H., Klottrup, A., Meemken, D., Oorburg, D., Poulsen, M.K., Grace, D., Vieira-Pinto, M. and Blagojevic, B. 2024. Modernising meat inspection using risk-based approaches. <i>Fleischwirtschaft International</i> 1(2024): 34–41.


  • Alban, L.
  • Albuquerque, E.R.
  • Capobianco-Dondona, A.
  • Kautto, A.H.
  • Klottrup, A.
  • Meemken, D.
  • Oorburg, D.
  • Poulsen, M.K.
  • Grace, Delia
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