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Expansion of Plant-Based Meat and Its Impacts on Climate and Food Security

  • Shelton, Sadie W.
  • Moses, Rebekah
  • Batka, Miroslav
  • Kashi, Bahman
  • Carello, Sarah
  • Wei Sha
  • Gurwick, Noel
  • Thornton, Philip K.
  • Healy-Thow, Sophie
  • Wollenberg, Eva K.

Transforming Food Systems Under Climate Change through Innovation

  • Campbell, Bruce M.
  • Thornton, Philip K.
  • Loboguerrero, Ana María
  • Dinesh, Dhanush
  • Nowak, Andreea C.

Theories of Change for Transformation

  • Thornton, Philip K.
  • Cramer, Laura
  • Kristjanson, Patti
  • Schuetz, Tonya
  • Szilagyi, Lili

Enabling Markets and Public-Sector Actions for Catalysing Transformation for Small-Scale Agricultural Producers under Climate Change

  • Shilomboleni, Helena
  • Recha, John W.M.
  •  Makonnen, Brook
  • Duku, Confidence
  • Radeny, Maren A.O.
  • Solomon, Dawit

Where We Need to Drive Food-System Action

  • Loboguerrero, Ana María
  • Yu Ling Chang
  • Morris, Michael
  • Pedraza, Sebastian
  • Smit, Wiebe
  • Thornton, Philip K.
  • Vyas, Shalika

The profile of HSPA1A gene expression and its association with heat tolerance in crossbred cattle and the tropically adapted dwarf Vechur and Kasaragod

  • Elayadeth-Meethal, M.
  • Tiambo, Christian K.
  • Naseef, P.P.
  • Kuruniyan, M.S.
  • Maloney, S.K.
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Food System in Nandi County. A situational and stakeholder focused analysis on low emission food system development

  • Jalang’o Anyango, Dorcas
  • Habermann, Birgit
  • Korir, Daniel
ILRI publication cover

Heat stress research and adaptation in Africa

  • Ekine-Dzivenu, Chinyere C.
  • Mrode, Raphael A.
  • Gebreyohanes, Gebregziabher
  • Ojango, Julie M. K.
  • Okeyo Mwai, Ally

Organising for Change: Empowerment for Farmers, Women, Youth, and Communities

  • Huyer, Sophia
  • Bullock, Renee M.
  • Buzingo, Jackson
  • Chanana, Nitya
  • Firmian, Ilaria
  • Healy-Thow, Sophie
  • Karakolis, Dara
  • Mugo, Victor
  • Mungai, Catherine
  • Radeny, Maren A.O.
  • Recha, John W.M.
  • Salawu, Azeez
  • Sargeant, Stephanie
  • Vertegaal, Doris M.