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Environmental health and biodiversity

Increasing productivity in food systems 
while staying within environmental boundaries 
and maintaining biodiversity

Environmental health and biodiversity

ILRI research contributes to the CGIAR impact area on Environmental health and biodiversity. 

Agriculture is the biggest driver of forest and biodiversity loss, including of diversity crucial to healthy diets and nutrition. A third of the world’s soils are degraded, and agriculture accounts for about 70% of global freshwater withdrawals. A healthy natural environment and biodiversity are critical for the long-term sustainability of food systems, and human health.

Browse research initiatives that contribute to this impact area. 


Environmental health and biodiversity research initiatives


Excellence in Agronomy for Sustainable Intensification and Climate Change Adaptation

Scientist at work


Crop fields

NEXUS Gains: Realizing Multiple Benefits Across Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystems

People irrigating crops

Plant Health and Rapid Response to Protect Food Security and Livelihoods

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Goats (IRLI)

Enhancing Farmers Contribution to NAP/NDCs: The Climakers Agenda for Food Security & Climate Action

Cattle farmers in Vientiane, Lao PDR

Livestock perspectives in food systems: a vision for sustainable agriculture

Kapiti (ILRI, Kristen Tam)


The United States Department of Agriculture joins the global race to control contagious bovine pleuropneumonia

Group photo at the GASL 2023 conference

Global Agenda for Sustainable Development puts a focus on drivers of change in the livestock sector

Participants at the meeting

ASEAN and CGIAR program to boost Agri-food innovation

Credit: ILRI/ Stevie Mann


ILRI’s contributions to wildlife research spotlighted at the WRTI’s inaugural Wildlife Scientific Conference

Kenya government officials visited ILRI's Kapiti Research Station on 18 March 2020 (photo credit: ILRI/Paul Karaimu).


Conservation collaboration: a joint effort to safeguard agriculture and biodiversity

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Bridging the gap in African biodiversity genomics and bioinformatics

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Epidemiological connectivity between humans and animals across an urban landscape

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Module 2: Gender, culture and One Health

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Module 1: Principles and applications of One Health

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Evolution of fungal and non-fungal eukaryotic communities in response to thermophilic co-composting of various nitrogen-rich green feedstocks

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Molecular detection of Cryptosporidium species in wildlife and humans at the wildlife-human interface around Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

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