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Nutrition, health and food security

Ending hunger and enabling safe, 
affordable, healthy diets for the 
world's most vulnerable people.

Nutrition, health and food security

ILRI research contributes to the CGIAR impact area on Nutrition, health and food security. 

If recent trends continue, the number of under-nourished people will surpass 840 million by 2030. Human health is threatened by poor food safety and diseases transmitted within food systems. Diet-related non-communicable diseases are also increasing across the globe. Food security, health and nutrition are paramount not only for overall human wellbeing, but also for securing livelihoods and economic development.

Browse research initiatives that contribute to this impact area. 


Nutrition, health and food security research initiatives


National Policies and Strategies for Food, Land and Water Systems Transformation

People irrigating crops

Plant Health and Rapid Response to Protect Food Security and Livelihoods


Protecting Human Health Through a One Health Approach

Woman selling fish

Resilient Cities Through Sustainable Urban and Peri-Urban Agrifood Systems

Farmer on the field

Sustainable Intensification of Mixed Farming Systems

Woman with seeds

Transforming Agrifood Systems in South Asia

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New study confirms efficacy of low-cost interventions in reducing pork contamination in Vietnam

Appolinaire Djikeng presenting to ILRI staff


ILRI’s first in-person town hall since COVID showcases new technology, publications and staff

Around the venue at Africa Climate Summit. Photo credit: UNFCCC/Lucia Vasquez-2


The impact of climate change on health and livelihoods of farming communities in Africa: A complex and integrated challenge

CDC mosquito trap


Climate change, mosquitoes and disease: Battling a lethal trio in northern Kenya

Winnie Ogutu and Patricia Koech


Winnie Ogutu and Patricia Koech: A convergence of purpose in Nairobi's meat safety

Students learn essential field skills during the summer school

HORN: Unleashing the Power of Collaboration in One Health Research for the Horn of Africa 

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The role of power relationships, trust and social networks in shaping milk quality in Kenya

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Effect of light-touch intervention and associated factors to microbial contamination at small-scale pig slaughterhouses and traditional pork shops in Vietnam

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The global burden of neglected zoonotic diseases: Current state of evidence

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Zoonoses research in Somalia: A scoping review using a One Health approach

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The Rabies Free Burkina Faso initiative: an example of how one health-oriented civil society organizations can contribute towards the achievement of the rabies zero by 30 goal

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Ecological and subject-level drivers of interepidemic Rift Valley fever virus exposure in humans and livestock in Northern Kenya

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