Publications Archive

Impact of a mass-media consumer awareness campaign on food safety behavior and behavioral determinants among women in Dire Dawa and Harar, Ethiopia

  • Madjdian, D.S.
  • Asseldonk, M. van
  • Talsma, E.F.
  • Amenu, Kebede
  • Gemeda, Biruk A.
  • Girma, S.
  • Roesel, Kristina
  • Grace, Delia
  • Knight-Jones, Theodore J.D.
  • Vet, E. de

Economic impact of peste des petits ruminants on small ruminant production in Senegal: Gender considerations within a system dynamics modelling approach

  • Aboah, Joshua
  • Campbell, Zoë A.
  • Dione, Michel M.
  • Kotchofa, Pacem
  • Ilboudo, Guy S.
  • Wieland, Barbara
  • Lo, M.M.
  • Rich, Karl M.

Fostering an enabling environment for equality and empowerment in agri-food systems: An assessment at multiple scales

  • Lecoutere, Els
  • Achandi, Esther L.
  • Ampaire, Edidah L.
  • Fischer, Gundula
  • Gumucio, Tatiana
  • Najjar, Dina
  • Singaraju, Niyati

Livestock Insurance and Financial Inclusion: Evidence from an RCT in the Drylands of Kenya

  • Shikuku, Kelvin Mashisia
  • Carter, Michael

Gender considerations in One Health: a framework for researchers

  • Galiè, Alessandra
  • McLeod, A.
  • Campbell, Zoë A.
  • Ngwili, Nicholas
  • Terfa, Zelalem G.
  • Thomas, Lian F.

Greener through gender: What climate mainstreaming can learn from gender mainstreaming

  • Lam, Steven
  • Novović, G.
  • Skinner, K.
  • Hung Nguyen-Viet

Gender considerations in innovation platforms in the livestock sector in Mali

  • Gning, S.B.
  • Dione, Michel M.
  • Sene, M.T.D.
  • Sow, Ahmadou
  • Fall, Abdou

Livestock as a pathway to women’s empowerment in low- and middle-income countries: A scoping review

  • Baltenweck, Isabelle
  • Achandi, Esyher L.
  • Bullock, Renee M.
  • Campbell, Zoe A.
  • Crane, Todd A.
  • Eldermire, R.R.B.
  • Gichuki, Leah
  • Haan, Nicoline C. de
  • Katz, E.
  • Njiru, Nelly
  • Njuguna-Mungai, Esther
  • Poole, Elizabeth J.
  • Galiè, Alessandra

The Women’s Empowerment In Livestock Business Index (WELBI): An Instructional Guide

  • Omondi, Immaculate A.
  • Galiè, Alessandra
  • Teufel, Nils
  • Kariuki, Eunice