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Geospatial characterization of climate-smart agroforestry in two contrasting physiographic zones of Rwanda

  • Ntawuruhunga, D.
  • Ngowi, E.E.
  • Mangi, H.O.
  • Salanga, R.J.
  • Shikuku, Kelvin Mashisia

Spatial distribution of Culex mosquito abundance and associated risk factors in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Tuyen V. Ha
  • Kim, W.
  • Thang Nguyen-Tien
  • Lindahl, Johanna F.
  • Hung Nguyen-Viet
  • Nguyen Quang Thi
  • Huy Van Nguyen
  • Unger, Fred
  • Hu Suk Lee
ILRI publication cover

Mapping as a tool for filling data gaps in grasslands and savannahs

  • Flintan, Fiona E.
  • Eba, Bedasa

Activity-specific mobility of adults in a rural region of western Kenya

  • Floyd, J.R.
  • Ogola, J.
  • Fèvre, Eric M.
  • Wardrop, N.
  • Tatem, A.J.
  • Ruktanonchai, Nick W.

CLEANED R tool: Quick but not too dirty” modeling of environmental impacts from transforming livestock value chains

  • Pfeifer, Catherine
  • Morris, J.

Remotely sensed, agriculturally relevant, surface temperature validation in sub-Saharan Africa: Preliminary results

  • Dowling, T.
  • Langsdale, M.
  • Merbold, Lutz
  • Wooster, M.

Participatory mapping and food‐centred justice in informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya

  • Ahmed, S.
  • Haklay, M.
  • Tacoli, C.
  • Githiri, G.
  • Davila, J.
  • Allen, A.
  • Fèvre, Eric M.

Use of geographic information system tools to predict animal breed suitability for different agro-ecological zones

  • Lozano Jaramillo, Maria
  • Bastiaansen, John W.M.
  • Dessie, Tadelle
  • Komen, Hans
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CLEANED tool: Live spatial simulation to develop a shared vision for a sustainable livestock value chain transformation

  • Pfeifer, Catherine
  • Morris, Joanne
  • Mose, Victor