BecA-ILRI hub

BecA-ILRI hub

The Biosciences eastern and central Africa-International Livestock Research Institute (BecA-ILRI) Hub was established in 2003 in Nairobi, Kenya, and had operated under the  African Union/New Partnership for Africa’s Development (AU/NEPAD) as part of the African Biosciences Initiative (ABI). It was conceived within the NEPAD’s Centers of Excellence for Science and Technology framework and aligns with the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP), focusing on enhancing agricultural biosciences in Africa. 

The Hub plays an important role in fostering an ecosystem conducive for scientists from National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS), the CGIAR and advanced research institutes from the global north to tackle significant agricultural challenges in Africa. By offering access to cutting-edge technologies, comprehensive knowledge, mentorship and technology incubation and deployment, the hub aims to empower researchers to develop homegrown solutions that contribute significantly to food and nutrition security across the continent. BecA’s new  vision is carried out through four connected pillars, namely, innovations, translational research and product development, all underpinned by the pillar on institutional and professional development. These pillars serve as the foundation for cultivating a robust scientific community capable of generating sustainable solutions to agricultural challenges, thereby enhancing the livelihoods of millions and securing the future of food supply in Africa.

Connected Pillars

Related Publications

The major histocompatibility complex region and diversity of the local chicken populations in Niger

  • Hassan Ousseini, M.
  • Machuka, Eunice M.
  • Kyallo, Martina M.
  • Tiambo, Christian K.
  • Domelevo Entfellner, Jean-Baka
  • Pelle, Roger

Bridging the gap in African biodiversity genomics and bioinformatics

  • Sharaf, A.
  • Ndiribe, C.C.
  • Omotoriogun, T.C.
  • Abueg, L.
  • Badaoui, B.
  • Badiane Markey, F.J.
  • Beedessee, G.
  • Diouf, D.
  • Duru, V.C.
  • Ebuzome, C.
  • Eziuzor, S.C.
  • Jaufeerally Fakim, Y.
  • Formenti, G.
  • Ghanmi, N.
  • Guerfali, F.Z.
  • Houaga, I.
  • Ideozu, J.E.
  • Katee, Sally M.
  • Khayi, S.
  • Kuja, J.O.
  • Kwon-Ndung, E.H.
  • Marks, R.A.
  • Moila, A.M.
  • Mungloo-Dilmohamud, Z.
  • Muzemil, S.
  • Nigussie, H.
  • Osuji, J.O.
  • Ras, V.
  • Tchiechoua, Y.H.
  • Zoclanclounon, Y.A.B.
  • Tolley, K.A.
  • Ziyomo, Cathrine
  • Mapholi, N.
  • Muigai, A.W.T.
  • Djikeng, Appolinaire
  • Ebenezer, T.E.

Characterization of blast resistance in a diverse rice panel from sub-Saharan Africa

  • Mutiga, Samuel Kilonzo
  • Orwa, Philemon
  • Nganga, Everlyne M.
  • Kyallo, Martina M.
  • Rotich, Felix
  • Gichuhi, Emily W.
  • Kimani, John M.
  • Mwongera, David T.
  • Were, Vincent M.
  • Yanoria, Mary Jeanie
  • Murori, Rosemary
  • Mgonja, Emmanuel M.
  • Ziyomo, Cathrine
  • Wasilwa, Lusike
  • Bachabi, Famata
  • Ndjiondjop, Marie-Noëlle
  • Ouedraogo, Ibrahima
  • Correll, James C.
  • Talbot, Nicholas J.

Genome segment ratios change during whitefly transmission of two bipartite cassava mosaic begomoviruses

  • Kennedy, G.G.
  • Sharpee, W.
  • Jacobson, A.L.
  • Wambugu, Mary
  • Mware, Benard
  • Hanley-Bowdoin, L.

A single exon-encoded Theileria parva strain Muguga cysteine protease (ThpCP): Molecular modelling and characterization

  • Chauke, E.
  • Pelle, Roger
  • Coetzer, T.H.T.

Analysis of local cassava landraces and improved genotypes in response to infections by cassava mosaic begomoviruses under field conditions in Kenya

  • Orek, Charles
  • Kyallo, Martina M.
  • Yao, Nasser

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