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Supporting participatory livestock feed improvement using the Feed Assessment Tool (FEAST)

  • Duncan, Alan J.
  • Lukuyu, Ben A.
  • Mutoni, Gilbert
  • Lema, Zelalem
  • Fraval, Simon

Characterizing the livestock production system and the potential for improving production in Selonga, Gwanda District, Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe

  • Kunaka, K.
  • Nyahangare, E.
  • Siziba, S.
  • Chauke, E.
  • Gwatisira, C.
  • Tinarwo, K.
  • Chakoma, Irenie
  • Manyawu, Godfrey J.

Causes of farmer–herder conflicts in Africa: A systematic scoping review

  • Nassef, Magda
  • Eba, Bedasa
  • Islam, Kishmala
  • Djohy, Georges
  • Flintan, Fiona E.
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An innovation systems approach to understanding forage adoption intensity in the dairy systems of Kenya and Ethiopia

  • Morrison, R.
  • Teufel, Nils
  • Duncan, Alan J.
  • Barnes, A.

Web-based simulation interfaces as decision support tools for livestock systems

  • Aboah, Joshua
  • Bahta, Sirak T.
  • Wanyoike, Francis N.
  • Chan, Derek
  • Karugia, Joseph T.

Land Use Planning in Pastoral Areas

  • Flintan, Fiona E.

Implementation manual for launching and maintaining sentinel zones

  • Chelanga, Philemon
  • Gobu, Wako
  • Galgallo, Diba
  • Alulu, Vincent
  • Taye, Masresha
  • Jensen, Nathan
  • Fava, Francesco P.

Silvopastoral systems for offsetting livestock emissions in the tropics: A case study of a dairy farm in Costa Rica

  • Brook, R.
  • Forster, E.
  • Styles, David
  • Mazzetto, A.M.
  • Arndt, Claudia
  • Esquivel, J.M.
  • Chadwick, David R.

Regional integrated agricultural development project in the great lakes (PRDAIGL)

  • International Livestock Research Institute