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Rangeland Stewardship Council Session at NFC Conference Recording

  • Natural Fibre Connect
  • International Livestock Research Institute

Rangeland baseline master protocol

  • Sircely, Jason A.
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Technical validation of the field guide for Participatory Rangeland Management (PRM), 27-28 October 2023

  • Intergovernmental Authority on Development
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Farmer-led adaptation innovations are at the heart of CGIAR’s Livestock and Climate adaptation work

  • Ferrari, Mireille
  • Habermann, Birgit
ILRI publication cover

Institutional aspects of successful integration of agricultural and pastoral systems: A literature review

  • Crane, Todd A.
  • Djohy, Georges

Report on Li-chăn stories of change – Evidence from photovoice

  • Tu Mai

Participatory land use planning in pastoral areas: IPSR Innovation Profile

  • Flintan, Fiona E.
  • Kalenzi, Deus
  • Nindi, Stephen
  • Gebremeskel, Tigistu
  • Terefe, Bogale
  • Robinson, Lance W.
  • Otieno, Ken
  • Luambano, Isaac
  • Faustin, Zacharia
  • Asimwe, Lovince
  • Dioniz, Boniphace
  • Akilimali, Abraham

Evaluation of public-private partnership in the veterinary domain using impact pathway methodology: In-depth case study in the poultry sector in Ethiopia

  • N’Guessan, N.B.
  • Poupaud, M.
  • Dieuzy-Labaye, I.
  • Asfaw, Yohannes T.
  • Wieland, Barbara
  • Tesfu, F.
  • Daniel, U.
  • Tulayakul, P.
  • Peyre, M.

Clapping with two hands: Transforming gender relations and zoonotic disease risks through community conversations in rural Ethiopia

  • Mulema, Annet A.
  • Kinati, Wole
  • Lemma, Mamusha
  • Mekonnen, Mesfin
  • Alemu, Biruk G.
  • Elias, Belay
  • Demeke, Yifru
  • Desta, Hiwot
  • Wieland, Barbara