The team supporting Kapiti Research Station and Wildlife Conservancy at the farewell reception for Bruce Scott and Titus Njonjo who have retired from Kapiti Board of Trustees.

ILRI bids farewell to Bruce and Titus

ILRI bids farewell to Bruce and Titus

Appolinaire Djikeng, director general of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), and his immediate predecessor, Jimmy Smith, thanked Bruce Scott and Titus Njonjo for their splendid service in steering and protecting Kapiti Research Station and Wildlife Conservancy.

‘Thank you, Bruce and Titus for developing and protecting this historical asset for ILRI. Without you, we will not be talking about Kapiti considering the scary things I have heard. Jimmy, you have protected it so dearly, and you left it in good hands. We will make sure that we protect it for research, conservation, environmental sustainability and ecotourism. We hope to see that Kapiti will be the conservancy that it has become and help to continue to sell Kenya as the destination where you can go and experience the unique interfaces of livestock research, wildlife, conservation and ranching, things you cannot see elsewhere,’ stated Appolinaire at a reception held at the ILRI Nairobi Campus on 19 April 2023.

Jimmy thanked Bruce and Titus for their selfless and splendid contribution to the development of ILRI and Kapiti. 

‘You certainly made my life easier, and immensely contributed to the growth and development of ILRI.’

Bruce and Titus thanked Jimmy for giving them the opportunity to serve on the Kapiti Board of Trustees. 

‘I really appreciate what Jimmy has done for ILRI, Kenya, and the drylands. I wish well for Appolinaire and those who have now taken over the mantle to protect and manage Kapiti’ stated Titus.

‘While Kapiti has gone through many challenges, people within and outside ILRI still talk about Kapiti with passion, love, with a smile, which gives you a sense of pride. Kapiti has enormously evolved over the last 10 years to a stronger and more sustainable entity. It is indeed a jewel in the crown for ILRI. It needs to be preserved. There will be more hurdles but with your passion and dedication, you will overcome them for Kapiti to serve humanity,’ noted Bruce.