Market in Doyogena District, Ethiopia (ILRI / Georgina Smith)

One health for food systems transformation

Food systems are often described as the single biggest contributor to complex global health challenges for people, animals, plants, and the environment through pollution, ecosystem degradation, greenhouse gas emissions, land and water use, chemical use, unhealthy and unsafe diets, animal welfare concerns, infectious disease risks, and biodiversity loss. The collaborative, multisectoral, transdisciplinary and systems-focused nature of One Health allows it to make important contributions to the functioning of food systems and health through infectious disease prevention, surveillance and control, ensuring food safety along food value chains in both formal and informal settings, and animal welfare in food production systems.

This event will explore how food systems and One Health practitioners could leverage each other's approaches to achieve holistic food system outcomes. The event will include interactions between Food Systems and One Health practitioners across Africa.

Moderator: Namukolo Covic, Director General’s Representative to Ethiopia, ILRI and CGIAR Regional Director for East and Southern Africa  

Keynote speakers

  • Johan Swinnen, Director General, IFPRI and CGIAR Food Systems
  • Martien Van Nieuwkoop, Global Director, Agriculture and Food Global Practice, World Bank
  • Salum Manyata, Assistant Director, One Health Coordination Section, Prime Minister Office, Tanzania

Panel discussion

  • Johan Swinnen
  • Martien Van Nieuwkoop
  • Salum Manyata
  • Godfrey Bahiigwa, Director of Agriculture and Rural Development, African Union Commission
  • Vine Mutyasira, Program Officer, Policy Quantitative Modelling and Data Analytics, AGRA
  • Iain Wright, Deputy Director, Integrated Sciences, ILRI


  • Dipti Thapa or Francisco Obreque, World Bank
  • Michael Victor, ILRI

Organizers: ILRI, IFPRI, World Bank, AGRA

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