Feed Assessment Tool (FEAST)

The Feed Assessment Tool (FEAST) is a systematic method to assess local feed resource availability and use. It helps in the design of intervention strategies aiming to optimize feed utilization and animal production. The tool comprises two main elements:

  • A focused PRA exercise which provides an overview of the farming system with particular emphasis on livestock feed aspects.
  • A simple and brief quantitative questionnaire, designed to be completed by experts under the guidance of the Feast facilitator. Output from 'feast' consists of a short report in a defined format along with some quantitative information on overall feed availability, quality and seasonality which can be used to help inform intervention strategies

The FEAST methodology comprises a guide and questionnaire, a data template and a data template manual. 

In 2015, we also developed a set of short  'feed intervention' tech sheets to accompany FEAST.  View them here.

In 2016 we developed a Global Data Repository for FEAST. Here you can upload data and make it public. You can also download your own and other’s data in aggregated form. Access the repository here.

In 2019 we developed a gendered version of FEAST which we call G-FEAST. You can download the G-FEAST group discussion guide here and the G-FEAST individual farmer questionnaire here. G-FEAST uses the same data application as FEAST.

All reports, documents and other information materials related to FEAST are accessible at https://cgspace.cgiar.org/handle/10568/16490.

ILRI and partner work on feeds is reported and shared at http://feeding-innovation.ilri.org. See especially the many news items and updates on the development of FEAST at http://feeding-innovation.ilri.org/tag/feast.

View a short brochure.

Watch a video introducing FEAST: