Annabel Slater

Annabel Slater

Digital content specialist

Digital media and content specialist, managing ILRI social media and developing content. Prior to this appointment she has worked in bioscience data curation and multimedia development at the University of Glasgow, and as a writer, editor and social media manager for the Progress Educational Trust, Science for Environment Policy, and the European Grid Infrastructure. She has also worked as a learning and science researcher for TV companies. She originally studied Biological Sciences at the University of Oxford, and went on to obtain an MSc in Science Media Production from Imperial College London and a MSc in Medical Visualisation & Human Anatomy from the University of Glasgow - Glasgow School of Art. 

My Blog Posts

Cattle herded in Senegal (Photo credit: ILRI/Karen Marshall)


Global villain, local savior? What's the role of livestock in sub-Saharan Africa?

Boran cattle grazing on pasture (ILRI/ Camille Hanotte).

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Herd of cows (ILRI/ Camille Hanotte)

Thermo Fisher Scientific and the International Livestock Research Institute join forces to transform sustainable livestock production in developing countries

Pigs in Masaka district, Uganda (ILRI/Habtamu)

New science

A vaccine solution for African swine fever is within reach

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