Emily Ouma

Emily Ouma

Senior Scientist, Agricultural Economist

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Nutrition-Sensitive Intervention Enhances Chicken Products’ Consumption and Dietary Diversity

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Consumers' willingness to pay for safe and quality milk: Evidence from experimental auctions in Rwanda

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Affordability of meat for global consumers and the need to sustain investment capacity for livestock farmers

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Engaging fathers to support child nutrition increases frequency of children’s animal source food consumption in Rwanda

  • Flax, Valerie L.
  • Ouma, Emily A.
  • Schreiner, M.-A.
  • Ufitinema, A.
  • Niyonzima, E.
  • Colverson, Kathleen E.
  • Galiè, Alessandra

Social and behaviour change communications strategy for improving livestock derived food consumption: IPSR Innovation Profile

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Spatial and temporal patterns of consumption of animal-source foods in Tanzania

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