International Women's Day 2023 - Digital apps and drones in livestock farming


Where does digital technology fit in with livestock farming? Why are animal vaccines being flown by drones? Find out on this special episode of The Boma!

In this podcast, we hear about the barriers to digital technology and farming difficulties that women face, then follow how ILRI and the CGIAR are working to close that divide from the example of an innovative vaccine-delivery project in Ghana.

We hear from Agnes Loriba, program lead and Ghana project manager at CARE International, Immaculate Omondi, a gender research economist at ILRI, and Nicoline de Haan, lead of the CGIAR GENDER Impact platform. How do they identify 'gender gaps' in farming and communities - and what does it take to close them?

Read more about the project in our 2019 Annual Report.



The Livestock Vaccine Innovation Fund is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), Global Affairs Canada (GAC), and Canada’s International Development Research Centre