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Cross-sectional serosurvey of Leptospira species among slaughter pigs, goats, and sheep in Uganda

  • Alinaitwe, Lordrick
  • Aturinda, C.J.
  • Lubega, A.
  • Kivali, Velma
  • Bugeza, James
  • Wainaina, M.
  • Richter, M.H.
  • Hoona, J.J.
  • Roesel, Kristina
  • Mayer-Scholl, A.
  • Cook, Elizabeth A.J.
  • Kankya, C.
  • Dürr, S.

Addressing gender inequalities and strengthening women's agency to create more climate-resilient and sustainable food systems

  • Bryan, Elizabeth
  • Alvi, Muzna
  • Huyer, Sophia
  • Ringler, Claudia

Fostering an enabling environment for equality and empowerment in agri-food systems: An assessment at multiple scales

  • Lecoutere, Els
  • Achandi, Esther L.
  • Ampaire, Edidah L.
  • Fischer, Gundula
  • Gumucio, Tatiana
  • Najjar, Dina
  • Singaraju, Niyati

Knowledge, perceptions, and exposure to bats in communities living around bat roosts in Bundibugyo district, Uganda: implications for viral haemorrhagic fever prevention and control

  • Ninsiima, L.R.
  • Nyakarahuka, L.
  • Kisaka, S.
  • Atuheire, C.G.K.
  • Mugisha, L.
  • Odoch, T.
  • Romano, J.S.
  • Klein, J.
  • Mor, Siobhan M.
  • Kankya, C.

African swine fever management planning: A practical approach

  • Deka, Ram Pratim

Training report on mobile application of Farmvetcare for Sub-department of Animal Health and Livestock Production in Lao Cai Province

  • Thang Nguyen
  • Nam Luong
  • Phuong Nguyen
  • Sinh Dang-Xuan
  • Hu Suk Lee
  • Unger, Fred
  • Hung Nguyen-Viet

"Arming half-baked people with weapons!" Information enclaving among professionals and the need for a care-centred model for antibiotic use information in Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi

  • Nayiga, S.
  • MacPherson, E.E.
  • Mankhomwa, J.
  • Nasuwa, F.
  • Pongolani, R.
  • Kabuleta, R.
  • Kesby, M.
  • Dacombe, R.
  • Hilton, S.
  • Grace, Delia
  • Feasey, N.
  • Chandler, C.I.R.

Lablab (Lablab purpureus L.) for human food and livestock feed

  • Teshome, Abel
  • Lire, Hailu
  • Jones, Christopher S.

Modernising meat inspection using risk-based approaches

  • Alban, L.
  • Albuquerque, E.R.
  • Capobianco-Dondona, A.
  • Kautto, A.H.
  • Klottrup, A.
  • Meemken, D.
  • Oorburg, D.
  • Poulsen, M.K.
  • Grace, Delia
  • Vieira-Pinto, M.
  • Blagojevic, B.