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Theory of change for the dairy value chain in Uganda, developed for the CGIAR Initiative Sustainable Animal Productivity for Livelihoods, Nutrition and Gender Inclusion

  • Ouma, Emily A.
  • Gebreyohanes, Gebregziabher
  • Okeyo Mwai, Ally
  • Marshall, Karen
  • Lukuyu, Ben A.
  • Mukasa, C.
  • Oba, Peter
  • Dione, Michel M.
  • Businge, Martha
  • Namatovu, Jane
  • Notenbaert, An Maria Omer
  • Hoek, Rein van der
  • Rekik, Mourad
  • Baltenweck, Isabelle

Theory of change for the chicken value chain in Tanzania, developed for the CGIAR Initiative Sustainable Animal Productivity for Livelihoods, Nutrition and Gender Inclusion

  • Omore, Amos O.
  • Yitayih, Mulugeta
  • Dessie, Tadelle
  • Esatu, Wondmeneh
  • Getachew, Fasil
  • Geremew, Kumlachew
  • Yemane, Tsion
  • Rao, E.J.O.
  • Marshall, Karen
  • Jeremiah, Adolf
  • Achandi, Esther L.
  • Rekik, Mourad
  • Baltenweck, Isabelle
ILRI publication cover

The role of heterogenous implementation on the uptake and long-term diffusion of agricultural insurance in a pastoral context

  • Jensen, Nathaniel D.
  • Teufel, Nils
  • Banerjee, Rupsha R.
  • Galgallo, Diba
  • Shikuku, Kelvin Mashisia

Training farmer groups on developing business plans, accessing markets, financial management and creating databases for trade

  • Le, Pham Thi
  • Thinh, Nguyen-Thi
  • Thanh, Lo Quang

Fostering an enabling environment for equality and empowerment in agri-food systems: An assessment at multiple scales

  • Lecoutere, Els
  • Achandi, Esther L.
  • Ampaire, Edidah L.
  • Fischer, Gundula
  • Gumucio, Tatiana
  • Najjar, Dina
  • Singaraju, Niyati
ILRI publication cover

Dairy input agri-entrepreneurs’ practices and their effect on inputs market participation by smallholder farmers in Tanzania

  • Kundu, R.N.
  • Bett, H.K.
  • Rao, E.J.O.

Empowering CAADP Progress: Leveraging livestock master plans for enhanced agricultural development

  • Bahta, Sirak T.
  • Elbeltagy, A.
  • Ossiya, S.
ILRI publication cover

Profiting from pigs in Rwanda: Improving people’s lives and livelihoods through more productive pig farming

  • Ouma, Emily A.
  • Ntawubizi, M.
  • Uwituze, S.
  • Lukuyu, Ben A.
  • Hirwa, C.D.
  • Marshall, Karen
  • Achandi, Esther
  • Dione, Michel M.
  • Mutoni, G.
  • Karamuzi, D.

Livestock as a pathway to women’s empowerment in low- and middle-income countries: A scoping review

  • Baltenweck, Isabelle
  • Achandi, Esyher L.
  • Bullock, Renee M.
  • Campbell, Zoe A.
  • Crane, Todd A.
  • Eldermire, R.R.B.
  • Gichuki, Leah
  • Haan, Nicoline C. de
  • Katz, E.
  • Njiru, Nelly
  • Njuguna-Mungai, Esther
  • Poole, Elizabeth J.
  • Galiè, Alessandra