Publications Archive

Determinants of farm mechanization in central and southeast Oromia Region, Ethiopia

  • Gebiso, T.
  • Ketema, M.
  • Shumetie, A.
  • Leggesse, Getachew

The Future of Small Farms: Innovations for Inclusive Transformation

  • Xinshen Diao
  • Reardon, Thomas
  • Kennedy, Adam
  • DeFries, Ruth S.
  • Koo, Jawoo
  • Minten, Bart
  • Takeshima, Hiroyuki
  • Thornton, Philip K.

Using microsatellite data to estimate the persistence of field‑level yield gaps and their drivers in smallholder systems

  • Paliwal, Ambica
  • Balwinder‑Singh, Poonia, S.
  • Jain, M.

Poverty dynamics and the determining factors among East African smallholder farmers

  • Hammond, James
  • Pagella, Tim
  • Caulfield, Mark
  • Fraval, Simon
  • Teufel, Nils
  • Wichern, J.
  • Kihoro, Esther
  • Herrero, Mario T.
  • Rosenstock, Todd S.
  • Wijk, Mark T. van

Causes of farmer–herder conflicts in Africa: A systematic scoping review

  • Nassef, Magda
  • Eba, Bedasa
  • Islam, Kishmala
  • Djohy, Georges
  • Flintan, Fiona E.

High Value Fruit Trees (HVFT) Production in the Highlands of Ethiopia: Enhancing Household Income, Food Security and nutrition

  • Woldemeskel, Endalkachew
  • Gebreyes, Million
  • Mekonnen, Kindu
  • Dubale, Workneh
  • Seifu, Haimanot

Evaluation of fertility, hatchability, and growth performance of indigenous, sasso and their F1 cross chicken genotypes in Southern Ethiopia

  • Bekele, B.
  • Melesse, A.
  • Esatu, Wondmeneh
  • Dessie, Tadelle

Interlinked work packages: Sustainable Intensification of Mixed Farming Systems Initiative

  • International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas
  • International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
  • International Rice Research Institute
  • International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center
  • International Water Management Institute
  • International Livestock Research Institute
  • Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT

Characterizing the livestock production systems and the potential for improving productivity in Ward 7 (Mombeyara), Buhera District, Manicaland, Zimbabwe

  • Musendo, B.
  • Mubonani, R.L.
  • Pfekenye, D.
  • Taderera, L.
  • Mafukidze, P.
  • Muchemwa, P.
  • Chakoma, Irenie
  • Manyawu, Godfrey J.