Consultation to shape livestock futures: inputs into ILRI’s new strategy for 2024-2030

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) has long been at the forefront of innovative research and development in the livestock sector in low and middle-income countries. As the world's population continues to grow and demand for food increases, the need to ensure sustainable and efficient livestock production becomes ever more critical. With its current strategy coming to an end and opportunities presented through an integrated CGIAR, ILRI is now poised to embark on a new journey, developing a comprehensive corporate strategy for the period 2024-2030.

ILRI's previous corporate strategy (2013-2022) laid the foundation for its success over the past decade. The strategy made an explicit pivot to focus on more on areas such as sustainable intensification of livestock systems, the intersection of human and animal, livestock value chains, environment and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Through partnerships, research, and capacity building, ILRI made significant contributions to improving livestock productivity, enhancing food security, and reducing poverty. ILRI seeks to build upon these achievements and address some of the most critical challenges facing humanity such as food and nutrition security, climate change and threat of increasing pandemics.

ILRI's strategy for 2024-2030 will be centered around addressing these challenges and transforming them into opportunities for sustainable development. The strategy will also highlight how ILRI is integrated into the CGIAR and  supporting the CGIAR Research and innovation strategy. 

The new strategy will encompass the following elements: 

  • A new corporate strategy that provides an overall vision and mission and describes what ILRI must deliver (the strategic objectives) and how it will work (its critical success factors).
  • A new ILRI science strategy that will respond to current challenges and complement and link to other CGIAR science focused strategies such as livestock based systems and animal source foods strategies.

How you can participate 

The global challenges are complex and interdependent and require partnerships and collaboration to be addressed. ILRI recognizes that its research is just one piece (but important) of the puzzle in a much wider ecosystem. To garner diverse perspectives from partners and stakeholders, ILRI is kicking off a process to update and adjust its strategy during the period  from July– October 2023. In this process we will listen to, and consult with, a diverse range of stakeholders through face to face and online discussions, surveys, interviews and focus group discussions.

There will be two phases of the consultation process. In the first phase (July to August), we will carry out a broad landscaping and have a wide range of consultations and discussions to ensure diverse perspectives, insights and needs are identified. This will include:

  • In-person consultations in ILRI’s host countries, Ethiopia and Kenya (July 2023).
  • Hybrid consultations in West Africa, East and Southern Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia (July-August).
  • Individual interviews and group discussions within and beyond ILRI.
  • On-line survey forms to crowd in a diversity of perspectives within and beyond the livestock sector. For partners and stakeholders please use this form

In the second phase (September-October), we will take initial findings and develop a draft framework to road test and get more specific feedback and inputs. We value everyone’s input and welcome your contribution. 

Learn more at:  or contact Michael Victor (m.victor (@)