Publications update from ILRI East and Southeast Asia over the first six months of 2017

We would like to share with partners the list of publications of ILRI East and Southeast Asia publicized from January to June 2017 and we hope to hear from you. Thank you.

Journal article

  1. Fuhrimann, S., M. Nauta, P. Pham-Duc, N. T. Tram, H. Nguyen-Viet, J. Utzinger, G. Cissé and M. S. Winkler, 2016: Disease burden due to gastrointestinal infections among people living along the major wastewater system in Hanoi, Vietnam. Advances in Water Resources. Read more
  2. He, X., X. Chen, W. Zhang, Y. Pu, S. Song, J. Han, K. Dong, Q. Zhao, W. Guan, Y. Ma and L. Jiang, 2016: High occurrence of length heteroplasmy in domestic Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus). Mitochondrial DNA. Part A, DNA mapping, sequencing, and analysis, 1-3. Read more
  3. Arief, R. A., K. Hampson, A. Jatikusumah, M. D. Widyastuti, Sunandar, C. Basri, A. A. Putra, I. Willyanto, A. T. Estoepangestie, I. W. Mardiana, I. K. Kesuma, I. P. Sumantra, P. F. Doherty, Jr., M. D. Salman, J. Gilbert and F. Unger, 2017: Corrigendum: Determinants of Vaccination Coverage and Consequences for Rabies Control in Bali, Indonesia. Frontiers in veterinary science, 4, 20. Read more
  4. Tuyet-Hanh, T. T., D. X. Sinh, P. D. Phuc, T. T. Ngan, C. Van Tuat, D. Grace, F. Unger and H. Nguyen-Viet, 2017: Exposure assessment of chemical hazards in pork meat, liver, and kidney, and health impact implication in Hung Yen and Nghe An provinces, Vietnam. International journal of public health, 62, 75-82. Read more
  5. Lee, H. S., T. T. Ha Hoang, P. Pham-Duc, M. Lee, D. Grace, D. C. Phung, V. M. Thuc and H. Nguyen-Viet, 2017: Seasonal and geographical distribution of bacillary dysentery (shigellosis) and associated climate risk factors in Kon Tam Province in Vietnam from 1999 to 2013. Infect Dis Poverty, 6, 113. Read more
  6. Lee, H. S., H. Nguyen-Viet, J. Lindahl, H. M. Thanh, T. N. Khanh, L. T. T. Hien and D. Grace, 2017: A survey of aflatoxin B1 in maize and awareness of aflatoxins in Vietnam World Mycotoxin Journal, 10, 195 – 202. Read more
  7. Lee, H. S., H. Nguyen-Viet, V. S. Nam, M. Lee, S. Won, P. P. Duc and D. Grace, 2017: Seasonal patterns of dengue fever and associated climate factors in 4 provinces in Vietnam from 1994 to 2013. BMC Infect Dis, 17, 218. Read more
  8. Lee, H. S., N. V. Khong, H. N. Xuan, V. B. Nghia, H. Nguyen-Viet and D. Grace, 2017: Sero-prevalence of specific Leptospira serovars in fattening pigs from 5 provinces in Vietnam. BMC Vet Res, 13, 125. Read more
  9. Nguyen-Viet, H., S. Chotinun, E. Schelling, W. Widyastuti, N. V. Khong, M. Kakkar, A. Beeche, F. Jing, B. Khamlome, S. Tum and W. Adisasmito, 2017: Reduction of antimicrobial use and resistance needs sectoral-collaborations with a One Health approach: perspectives from Asia. International journal of public health, 62, 3-5. Read more
  10. Nguyen-Viet, H., T. T. Tuyet-Hanh, F. Unger, S. Dang-Xuan and D. Grace, 2017: Food safety in Vietnam: where we are at and what we can learn from international experiences. Infect Dis Poverty, 6, 39. Read more
  11. Van Minh, H. and H. Nguyen-Viet, 2017: Health and social determinants of health in Vietnam: local evidence and international implications. International journal of public health, 62, 1-2. Read more
  12. Naqvi, A. N., J. F. Bukhari, S. M. F. Vahidi, Y. T. Utsunomiya, J. F. Garcia, M. E. Babar, J.-L. Han, R. Pichler and K. Periasamy, 2017: Microsatellite based genetic diversity and mitochondrial DNA D-Loop variation in economically important goat breeds of Pakistan. Small Ruminant Research, 148, 62-71. Read more
  13. Periasamy, K., S. M. F. Vahidi, P. Silva, M. O. Faruque, A. N. Naqvi, M. Basar, J. Cao, S. Zhao, L. T. Thuy, R. Pichler, M. G. Podesta, M. Shamsuddin, P. Boettcher, J. F. Garcia, J.-L. Han, P. A. Marsan, A. Diallo and G. J. Viljoen, 2017: Mapping molecular diversity of indigenous goat genetic resources of Asia. Small Ruminant Research, 148, 2-10. Read more
  14. Silva, P., C. M. B. Dematawewa, M. Kurukulasuriya, Y. T. Utsunomiya, J. F. Garcia, R. Pichler, A. K. Thiruvenkadan, S. Ramasamy, J.-L. Han and K. Periasamy, 2017: Genetic diversity analysis of major Sri Lankan goat populations using microsatellite and mitochondrial DNA D-loop variations. Small Ruminant Research, 148, 51-61. Read more
  15. Dang-Xuan, S., H. Nguyen-Viet, F. Unger, P. Pham-Duc, D. Grace, N. Tran-Thi, M. Barot, N. Pham-Thi and K. Makita, 2017: Quantitative risk assessment of human salmonellosis in the smallholder pig value chains in urban of Vietnam. International journal of public health, 62, 93-102. Read more
  16. Thuy, L. T., D. V. Binh, N. T. Binh, L. Q. Minh, T. T. T. Thuy, N. D. Ton, N. V. Ba, J.-L. Han and K. Periasamy, 2017: Evaluation of genetic diversity and structure of Vietnamese goat populations using multi locus microsatellite markers. Small Ruminant Research, 148, 43-50. Read more
  17. Vu-Van, T., P. Pham-Duc, M. S. Winkler, C. Zurbrugg, J. Zinsstag, H. Le Thi Thanh, T. H. Bich and H. Nguyen-Viet, 2017: Ascaris lumbricoides egg die-off in an experimental excreta storage system and public health implication in Vietnam. International journal of public health, 62, 103-111. Read more
  18. Winkler, M. S., S. Fuhrimann, P. Pham-Duc, G. Cisse, J. Utzinger and H. Nguyen-Viet, 2017: Assessing potential health impacts of waste recovery and reuse business models in Hanoi, Vietnam. International journal of public health, 62, 7-16. Read more
  19. Zhao, Y. X., J. Yang, F. H. Lv, X. J. Hu, X. L. Xie, M. Zhang, W. R. Li, M. J. Liu, Y. T. Wang, J. Q. Li, Y. G. Liu, Y. L. Ren, F. Wang, E. Hehua, J. Kantanen, J. Arjen Lenstra, J. L. Han and M. H. Li, 2017: Genomic reconstruction of the history of native sheep reveals the peopling patterns of nomads and the expansion of early pastoralism in East Asia. Molecular biology and evolution. Read more


  1. Hiwasaki L., Bolliger A., Lacombe G., Raneri J., Schut M. and Staal S., 2016: Integrated Systems Research for Sustainable Smallholder Agriculture in the Central Mekong: Achievements and challenges of implementing integrated systems research. Hanoi, Viet Nam. Read more


  1. World Bank, 2017. Vietnam food safety risks management: challenges and opportunities. Hanoi, Vietnam.  Read more

Conference papers

  1. Huyen, N. T. T., M. L. Lapar, N. X. Trung and P. T. Toan, 2017: Factors contributing to animal health risks: Implication for smallholder pig production in Vietnam, Bangkok, Thailand. Read more
  2. Lapar, M. L., D. T. N. Nga, N. T. Thinh, N. T. T. Huyen, F. Unger and D. Grace, 2017: Adoption and impact of gaps in pig value chains: Implications for institutional policy and practice change, Bangkok, Thailand. Read more
  3. Nga, D. T. N., M. L. Lapar, N. V. Hung, T. V. Long, P. K. My, P. T. Toan and F. Unger, 2017: An evaluation of economic viability of small scale slaughterhouses in Vietnam: Implication for pig value chain development, Bangkok, Thailand. Read more
  4. Thinh, N. T., M. L. Lapar and A. Galie, 2017: Emerging Gender Issues in Vietnam Pig Value Chain, Bangkok, Thailand. Read more