Publications update from ILRI East and Southeast Asia over the second half of 2017

We would like to share with partners the list of publications of ILRI East and Southeast Asia publicized from July to December 2017 and we hope to hear from you. Thank you.

Journal articles

  1. Sinh Dang-Xuan, MacDonald, L.E., Schurer, J.M., Hung Nguyen-Viet and Phuc Pham-Duc. 2017. Household exposure to livestock and health in the CHILILAB HDSS Cohort, Vietnam. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health 29(5S): 72S–83S. Read more
  2. Kouamé, P.K., Hung Nguyen-Viet, Dongo, K., Zurbrügg, C., Biémi, J. and Bonfoh, B. 2017. Microbiological risk infection assessment using QMRA in agriculture systems in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 189: 587. Read more 
  3. Minh, H. V., D. V. Dung, Hung Nguyen-Viet and O. Sankoh. 2017. Health and health care transitions in Vietnam: Evidence from the CHILILAB Health and Demographic Surveillance System (CHILILAB HDSS). Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health Vol. 29(5S): 6S –8S. Read more
  4. Lee, H. S., J. Lindahl, Hung Nguyen-Viet, N. V. Khong, V. B. Nghia, H. N. Xuan and D. Grace. 2017. An investigation into aflatoxin M 1 in slaughtered fattening pigs and awareness of aflatoxins in Vietnam. BMC Veterinary Research 13(1): 363. Read more
  5. Lee, H. S., Hung Nguyen-Viet, M. Lee, P. P. Duc and D. Grace. 2017. Seasonality of Viral Encephalitis and Associated Environmental Risk Factors in Son La and Thai Binh Provinces in Vietnam from 2004 to 2013. The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 96(1): 110-117. Read more
  6. Rich, K.M., Dizyee, K., Huyen Nguyen, T.T., Ha Duong, N., Hung Pham, V., Nga Nguyen, T.D., Unger, F. and Lapar, M.L. 2017. Quantitative value chain approaches for animal health and food safety. Food Microbiology. Read more 
  7. Ngan Tran-Thi, Sinh Dang-Xuan, Unger, F., Barot, M., Hung Nguyen-Viet, Pham Van Hung, Grace, D. and Phuc Pham-Duc. 2017. Exposure assessment of Salmonella related to pork handling and consumption at households in Hung Yen and Nghe An provinces. Vietnam Journal of Public Health 4(2): 26–33. Read more
  8. Zhao, Y. X., J. Yang, F. H. Lv, X. J. Hu, X. L. Xie, M. Zhang, W. R. Li, M. J. Liu, Y. T. Wang, J. Q. Li, Y. G. Liu, Y. L. Ren, F. Wang, E. Hehua, J. Kantanen, J. Arjen Lenstra, J. L. Han and M. H. Li. 2017. Genomic reconstruction of the history of native sheep reveals the peopling patterns of nomads and the expansion of early pastoralism in East Asia. Mol Biol Evol. 34(9): 2380-2395. Read more 
  9. Kathiravan Periasamy, S.M.F. Vahidi, Pradeepa Silva, M.O. Faruque, A.N. Naqvi, Muladno Basar, JianHua Cao, ShuHong Zhao, Le Thi Thuy, Rudolf Pichler, Mario Garcia Podesta, Mohammed Shamsuddin, Paul Boettcher, Jose Fernando Garcia, Jian-Lin Han, Paolo Ajmone Marsan, Adama Diallo, Gerrit J. Viljoen. 2017. Mapping molecular diversity of indigenous goat genetic resources of Asia. Small Ruminant Research, 148: 2-10. Read more
  10. Le Thi Thuy, Dinh Van Binh, Nguyen Trong Binh, Luu Quang Minh, Tran Thi Thu Thuy, Nguyen Dang Ton, Nguyen Van Ba, Jian-Lin Han, Kathiravan Periasamy. 2017. Evaluation of genetic diversity and structure of Vietnamese goat populations using multi locus microsatellite markers. Small Ruminant Research, 148: 43-50. Read more
  11. Pradeepa Silva, C.M.B. Dematawewa, Maheshika Kurukulasuriya, Yuri T. Utsunomiya, José Fernando Garcia, Rudolf Pichler, A.K. Thiruvenkadan, Saravanan Ramasamy, Jian-Lin Han, Kathiravan Periasamy. 2017. Genetic diversity analysis of major Sri Lankan goat populations using microsatellite and mitochondrial DNA D-loop variations. Small Ruminant Research, 148: 51-61. Read more
  12. A.N. Naqvi, J.F. Bukhari, S.M.F. Vahidi, Y.T. Utsunomiya, J.F. Garcia, Masroor Ellahi Babar, Jian-Lin Han, Rudolf Pichler, Kathiravan Periasamy. 2017. Microsatellite based genetic diversity and mitochondrial DNA D-Loopvariation in economically important goat breeds of Pakistan. Small Ruminant Research, 148: 62-71. Read more
  13. Xiaohong He, Xiaofei Chen, Wenbin Zhang, Yabin Pu, Shen Song, Jian-Lin Han, Kunzhe Dong, Qianjun Zhao, Weijun Guan, Yuehui Ma & Lin Jiang. 2017. High occurrence of length heteroplasmy in domestic Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus). Mitochondrial DNA Part A, 28: 851-854. Read more

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