Ben Lukuyu

Research Technician Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), July, 1985 - December 1996 MSc graduate fellow ILRI, January 1997 - January 2000 Research Scientist KARI, March 2000 - September 2001 PhD graduate fellow ILRI, September 2001 - April 2005 Senior Research Officer KARI, April 2005 - February 2007 Deputy Centre Director KARI Muguga, February 2007 - 21 April 2008 Post Doctoral Scientist ILRI, 21 April 2008 -30th April 2011   Research Scientist ILRI, 1st May 2011 - To date A LIVESTOCK FEED SPECIALIST I have a long livestock research experience in livestock research with the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute that has been strengthened by recent experience as a Post Doctoral Scientist with International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi and now a scientist. I have a diverse training background with initial training in Animal production and nutrition, intermediate training in Natural Resources Management and eventually majoring in Animal nutrition. I am experienced in development of on-farm research and implementing projects within multi disciplinary teams with a wide range of stakeholders in East Africa. I have a unique combination of experience in Animal production and nutrition as well forage production. I am also familiar with innovation systems approaches and working with various actors along the dairy value chain. I have skills in appraising livestock production systems to identify constraints and opportunities, indentifying feed intervention, design and implementation pilot feed interventions using participatory methods, use lessons learned from on-farm research to catalyze adoption of feed technologies. I contribute to the East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) Project implemented by a consortium of partners including Heifer International, ILRI and Technoserve(TNS), African Breeding Service (ABS) and the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF). The project emphasis on an integrated dairy value chain approach that benefits producers (especially women and youth), providers of business development services, processors, traders and retailers. The major objective of the project is to double household milk-production volumes that are currently extremely low, making it difficult to achieve volume levels required for economically viable activities along the bulking and marketing chain. My roles in this project are: o    To coordinate the implementation of the livestock feeds and production activities of the project in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. o    To provide technical backstopping and help field staff to implement feed activities with partners and national stakeholders as well as the private sector. o    To liaises with all implementing partners and stakeholders during the implementation of the pilot studies to ensure smooth implementation of activities I also contributes to the Consultative Research Program 3.7 and other supporting projects – Pig values chain in Uganda and dairy value chain in Tanzania

My publications