Christian Keambou Tiambo

Christian Keambou Tiambo

Scientist-CTLGH/Livestock Genetics: Reproductive Technologies & Precision breeding, Biobanking management, and ABS- Nagoya Protocol

Christian Keambou Tiambo is a scientist at the CTLGH/ILRI Livestock Genetics where his portfolio focuses on Livestock Reproductive Technologies & Precision breeding, Biobanking management (Tropical pig, cattle and poultry), and Access and Benefits Sharing (ABS)- Nagoya Protocol Officer for Livestock Genetics/CTLGH-ILRI Projects. Christian also work on the exploration of adaptive genes as candidates for genome editing in Tropical Livestock.

Prior to joining CTLGH / LiveGene - ILRI, Christian was supporting Livestock Research and Capacity Building for scientists from National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) and contributing to resource mobilization efforts at the BecA-ILRI Hub. Christian was also coordinating research Community of Practices (CoPs) established under the Africa Bioscience Challenge Fund (ABCF) program by strengthening the capacity to use existing and develop novel methodologies for genetic characterization, managing the CoP engagements and research activities.

My Publications

Stem cell and genetic engineering technologies for conservation and sustainable development of African animal genetic resources

  • Tiambo, Christian K.
ILRI publication cover

Editorial: Global green strategies and capacities to manage a sustainable animal biodiversity

  • Perini, F.
  • Ceccobelli, S.
  • Crooijmans, R.P.M.A.
  • Tiambo, Christian K.
  • Lasagna, E.
ILRI publication cover

Reproductive technology group: cellular resources, functional genomics tools and biotechnologies

  • Tiambo, Christian K.

Field sampling report—Pig skin biopsy and fibroblast culture trial

  • Ogugo, Moses
  • Muhonja, Christine Kamidi
  • Owido, Milton
  • Tiambo, Christian K.

The profile of HSPA1A gene expression and its association with heat tolerance in crossbred cattle and the tropically adapted dwarf Vechur and Kasaragod

  • Elayadeth-Meethal, M.
  • Tiambo, Christian K.
  • Naseef, P.P.
  • Kuruniyan, M.S.
  • Maloney, S.K.

Digital sequence information is changing the way genetic resources are used in agricultural research and development: implications for new benefit-sharing norms

  • Hamilton, Ruaraidh Sackville
  • Halewood, Michael
  • López Noriega, Isabel
  • Rouard, Mathieu
  • Tiambo, Christian K.
  • Azevedo, Vania
  • Bhattacharjee, Ranjana
  • Cuéllar, Wilmer Jose
  • Gisel, Andreas
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