The central theme of my research is the understanding of the genetic control of productive and adaptative traits in livestock. We aim to unravel the genetic control of functional diversity for their uses in breeding programs (genome editing, genomic selections) for sustainable improvement of productivity. We studied both Mendelian and quantitative traits as well as epigenome regulations. We use as tools next-generation sequencing (NGS), de novo genome sequencing, transcriptome, methylation analysis, microbiome characterization. We are studying all livestock species (ruminants and poultry), but our leading ongoing research areas are dairy and `beef cattle as well as poultry (chicken), with a focus on the livestock production systems of the South. A central element of our work is the understanding of the genetic history and origin of the functional diversity of the species. Ongoing research activities include (i) the study of genetic adaptation to environmental challenges (climates, diseases) in indigenous cattle (Bos taurus, B. indicus and crossbreeds) of sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and Asia, chicken in Africa and Asia, sheep in Ethiopia and Sudan; (ii) improvement of milk production in crossbred tropical cattle; (iii) microbiome characterisation of chicken in Africa in relation to their productivity and environmental adaptability; (iv) and the development of tools and references livestock genome panels to maximize the efficiency of marker-association studies (QTLs, positive signature of selection) and identification of causative mutation for genome editing.

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Genomic reference resource for African cattle

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Livestock Agri-Food Systems: Full Proposal 2017-2022 - Addenda

  • CGIAR Research Program on Livestock

Exploiting phenotypic plasticity in animal breeding

  • Kebede, Fasil Getachew
  • Komen, Hans
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  • Hanotte, Olivier H.
  • Kemp, Stephen J.
  • Barros, C.P.
  • Crooijmans, R.
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