Adaptation to climate change for smallholder agriculture in Kenya

Together with IFPRI, KARI and the University of Georgia, ILRI is working on this study commissioned by the World Bank. The main outputs of this study are: 1) To provide an assessment of the impacts of climate change and variability on the agriculture sector in Kenya. 2) To identify and assess ongoing and alternative household-level and collective adaptation strategies available to rural communities in selected regions. 3) To identify agricultural land management practices that enhance livelihood resilience under climate change and variability and assess their potential synergies with greenhouse gas mitigation and increased productivity objectives. 4) To identify perceptions of climate-related risks by agricultural producers and decision makers that shape the identification and selection of adaptive responses to climate variability and change; and assess the feasibility of adaptation options. 5) To explore how individual and collective adaptation options and strategies can be supported through public action.