Joint laboratory on livestock and forage genetic resources

In 2004, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and ILRI established a joint laboratory in Beijing. The laboratory is a platform to implement joint research projects of common interest in the area of livestock and forage diversity, share technical expertise, conduct joint national or international training courses, workshops and conferences and provide research facilities and technical assistance to ILRI’s projects in Asia. While the core geographical scope is China and Southeast Asia, project activities have included Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia and Iran.
The laboratory is managed by a Scientific Steering Committee comprised two ILRI and two CAAS scientists as well as one jointly-appointed scientist. CAAS provides and maintains the research facilities and makes available scientists and administrators for the daily operations of the laboratory. A work plan for joint research activities is developed, discussed and agreed upon by the SSC and approved by both ILRI and CAAS managements.
Funding is mainly provided by CAAS and ILRI research projects in the region. Since 2007, the laboratory is a part of the Ministry
of Agriculture Key Lab and the CAAS Centre of Excellence on Animal Genetic Resources Research and Innovation.