Livelihoods, gender and impact

ILRI’s research program on Livelihoods, Gender and Impact (LGI) is among the five ILRI programs within Integrated Sciences. The program objective is to provide high quality, relevant research that is able to guide research and development initiatives aimed at improving the livelihoods of women and men operating in livestock value chains. Working with other programs, LGI works toward identifying promising technological, organizational and institutional innovations; assessing their likely impact on women and men; building strong partnerships with other research institutes, the private sector and government agencies (including line ministries and local government authorities), and to test interventions in order to assess their impact and potential for scaling.


One area of research pursued by LGI looks at the special case of smallholder farmers’ capacities, assets and activities to increase their competitiveness through increased integration in value chains. This is the Smallholder Competitiveness in Value Chains research team which aims at identifying, testing and evaluating technical, institutional and organizational mechanisms to improve smallholder farmers’ livelihoods. The second area of research looks at relations between women and men as social construct, and how these could be transformed for improved livelihoods. This is the Gender research team which seeks to understand and respond appropriately to the socio-economic contexts within which both men and women engage in livestock production. The third research area is Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, which focuses on the development of outcome and impact systems and analysis. The primary objective of MEL is to measure the results of ILRI’s research interventions and demonstrate their development impact; and in addition, to facilitate learning among the stakeholders throughout the research programs’ phases...Read full profile

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