Vaccine biosciences

Through the ILRI Vaccine Platorm (ILVAC), ILRI’s Vaccine Biosciences group is building a hub of research excellence dedicated to developing vaccine-based solutions to reduce disease burdens that limit livestock productivity in smallholder and pastoral farming systems. Vaccines are the most effective inventions for disease control, especially in underresourced agricultural systems.


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This page brings together ILRI and partner resources on Vaccine biosciences. It shows information on projects, news items, research outputs, video materials and presentations as well as ILRI people working on Vaccine biosciences. See where ILRI works; and the research issues it works on.

People working in Vaccine biosciences

Daisy Wanjiru Kariuki
Program Accountant
David Kiereini
Program Management Officer
Elise Schieck
Lucilla Steinaa
Cellular Immunologist
Maureen Lorna Atieno Otieno
Research technician



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