Tropical Poultry Genetics Solutions (TPGS)

TPGS: Delivering farmer preferred, productive and ecologically adapted poultry to smallholders 

The project will build on the gains of ACGG and its bridging phase that concluded in April 2022. In addition, the new phase will benefit from on-going activities of the Asian Chicken Genetic Gains (AsCGG) project in South-East Asia. 

This new phase shifts the focus towards impact, intervention through the establishment of new partnerships, and the close involvement of investors. It will have more emphasis on local chicken breed development and conservation. 

This three year project will run as part of the One CGIAR initiatives and will focus on seven interrelated outcome areas, namely: 

  • Characterization of ecological adaptation of chicken ecotypes and identification of farmers trait preferences
  • Strengthening of existing partnerships and developing new ones
  • Establishment of breeding programs
  • Development and support of dissemination and adoption mechanisms
  • Improvement of the policy and regulatory environment
  • Tracking of program impacts
  • Establishment and of operationalization of the Tropical Poultry Platform (TROP).