Animal health and welfare for sustainable livestock systems


Over the last 30 years, the consumption of meat, milk and eggs in low- and middle-income (LMICs) countries has more than doubled (FAOSTAT, accessed 28/5/21). Population growth, urbanization, income gains and globalization continue to fuel the growth. Many people in LMICs do not have sufficient high quality protein in their diets (FAO et al., 2020); a problem that could be rectified through improved access to animal-source foods. Many in high- income countries (HICs), conversely, eat too much animal-sourced foods. Policies and information campaigns should promote healthy diets for all.


Magnusson, U., Boqvist, S., Doyle, R. and Robinson, T. 2022. Animal health and welfare for sustainable livestock systems. Rome, Italy: Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock.


  • Magnusson, Ulf
  • Boqvist, S.
  • Doyle, Rebecca
  • Robinson, T.