People and Organizational development

The vision of the P&OD directorate is to position ILRI as the leading livestock research institute and as an employer of choice in the global labour market.

The objectives of the directorate are based on the recognition that the capability and engagement of ILRI’s staff are central to the institute  achieving its vision, mission and strategy through its critical success factors.

The directorate therefore seeks to implement a people management strategy that is aligned to ILRI’s business strategy using global best practices to attract and retain competent talent as well as to enhance their capability and engagement in delivering on ILRI’s strategy.



The workforce planning and resourcing unit is passionate about implementing an integrated institutional resourcing strategy that involves operational and strategic talent acquisition and workforce planning for the institute. We resource talent with the right capabilities, skills and behaviours using best practices in order to meet ILRI’s business needs.

We provide professional support and advice to supervisors on talent resourcing and deployment for ILRI’s national staff, international staff, joint appointees and consultants.

The team provides critical input towards identification of best practice solutions that ILRI can leverage to succeed in attracting, retaining and engaging a productive workforce with skills that mirror its competencies for the achievement of ILRI strategy 2013-2022.


The compensation and benefits unit is at the heart of the People and Organizational Development functions.

We are passionate about designing, implementing and managing effective reward systems, policies and processes that result in competitive and equitable reward to attract and retain top performing talent.

Below are the main compensation and benefits areas of operation:

•     Policies, guidelines and labour law legislation

•     Reward and remuneration

•     Contracts management

•     Medical and other insurances

•     HR information systems

•     Employee relations

•     Staff welfare programs

•     Salary and benefits surveys and review

•     Retirement and pension plans

•     Staff separation plans


The Learning and development team passionately believes that results are achieved through competent, motivated and inspired professionals.

We are committed to boosting leadership and staff qualities that ensure ILRI is effective in what it does, is more efficient in how it operates and that it represents value for money to investors. We strongly believe in investing in staff through a range of sustainable learning interventions that ensure ILRI is a stimulating and rewarding place to work. 

The team currently provides support to staff in Performance management,Career development, Staff induction,Individual and group training, Management and leadership development, Coaching and mentoring skills and eLearning (under development) areas:


ILRI is committed to using sound and responsible practices to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of its employees, students, contractors, visitors and any other persons who may be affected by our operations. The environment, occupational health and safety (EOHS) team is enthusiastic about ensuring that issues relating to environmental management and occupational safety and health are addressed in a systematic, proactive and explicit manner so that they are an integral part of ILRI’s day-to-day business.

The team also coordinates a research compliance program which ensures that research projects involving animals, human subjects, recombinant DNA and genetically modified organisms are done in a manner that complies with the host country's legal requirements as well as international best practices.

We are keen to take care of every question and concern that you may have about workplace safety and health and environment. 


EOHS is responsible for Health and safety and Research compliance


The protocol and liaison team is ardent about organizing, coordinating and providing protocol services in support of ILRI’s mission and its relationship with Governments and other diplomatic missions and agencies in the countries in which ILRI operates.

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