Peter Ballantyne

Peter Ballantyne

Consultant, Communications and Knowledge Management

Ballantyne is former head of Communications and Knowledge Management at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).  He has worked in agricultural information and knowledge for 30 years, championing open access, participatory communications, local content, social media and the use of information and communications technologies in development. He is an experienced facilitator and is involved in several ILRI and CRP projects, contributing especially to engagement and collaboration activities in the Livestock and Fish CRP. Before ILRI, he led communications and knowledge management activities in several research, NGO and policy institutes in the Netherlands.

My Projects

Coordination of AAA/CIARD activities in CGIAR

Coordination of AAA/CIARD activities in CGIAR

My Blog Posts

New project explores approaches to build capacity of next-generation One Health professionals


Celebrating an open access knowledge and information repository for CGIAR research

Hot topic

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My Publications

CGSpace and PRMS Information Session

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  • Ballantyne, Peter G.
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Report of the regional workshop on building the capacities of higher educational institutions to educate, train and empower the next generation workforce to tackle One Health issues, Gaborone, Botswana, 22-24 November 2022

  • Yussuf, Buke
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A One Health approach to plant health

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ILRI publication cover

ILRI’s CGSpace experience: origins, choices, key lessons and challenges

  • Ballantyne, Peter G.
  • Yabowork, Abenet
  • Orth, Alan S.

Enhancing livelihood opportunities from buffalo value chains - the focus of the CGIAR animal productivity initiative in Nepal

  • Ballantyne, Peter G.
  • Varijakshapanicker, Padmakumar
  • Panta, Smrittee Kala
  • Teufel, Nils

SNP panels for the estimation of dairy breed proportion and parentage assignment in African crossbred dairy cattle

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