Feed the Future Mali Livestock Technology Scaling Program

FTF-MLTS strives to reduce the productivity gaps and expand the volume and value of ruminant livestock produced and marketed by 61,000 households in 31 FTF focus communes in Sikasso, Mopti and Timbuktu. To achieve this, FTF-MLTS is promoting the wide-scale dissemination of productivity enhancing technologies and best practices coupled with innovative marketing strategies. Program specific objectives include:

1. Promote innovative animal health delivery systems and facilitate the implementation of best health interventions that reduce disease burden in ruminant livestock;

2. Increase availability of quality feed biomass, improve farm feed utilization and husbandry practices and generate livelihood options around feed and fodder value chains;

3. Leverage USAID-led livestock market development and policy initiatives in support to the up-scaling of livestock technologies and expanded livestock market access by smallholder livestock farmers.