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ILRI’s feeds and forages program trains Ethiopian agricultural researchers on forage seed production

ILRI Forage Genebank

ILRI Forage Genebank supports development of improved forage varieties to increase livestock productivity in Ethiopia

Promoting better agricultural practices of drought-tolerant crops in farming communities

Buffelgrass: a drought-tolerant bunchgrass

Thirty per cent of ILRI genebank collections now safely duplicated at the global seed vault in Norway

German agroecological livestock research investments are benefiting both people and the planet

‘Legacy Award’ bestowed on Jean Hanson, ILRI’s forage genebank gatekeeper for the last three decades

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ILRI publication cover

Women in business: Chicken and seed dissemination in Ethiopia and Tanzania

  • International Livestock Research Institute

Forage seed production and management techniques

  • Assefa, Getnet
  • Mekonnen, Kindu
  • Gebreyes, Million
  • Bezabih, Melkamu
  • Adie, Aberra
  • Seifu, Haimanot

Cultivated forage production in the mid and high altitude areas of Ethiopia

  • Assefa, Getnet
  • Bezabih, Melkamu
  • Mekonnen, Kindu
  • Adie, Aberra
  • Gebreyes, Million
  • Seifu, Haimanot

Fruit Trees in agroforestry systems: complementing globally traded commodities with local nutritional benefits

  • Noordwijk, Meine van
  • Hendre, Prasad
  • Kindt, Roeland
  • McMullin, Stepha
  • Muchugi, Alice
  • Tchoundjeu, Zacharie
  • Tsobeng, Alain
  • Jamnadass, Ramni

Mobile seed cleaning and treatment unit improves forage seed quality and quantity and presents a successful business model for farmer cooperatives

  • Rudiger, U.
  • Zaiem, A.
  • Idoudi, Z.
  • Frija, A.
  • Rekik, M.
  • Taher, A.

Molecular characterisation of Apomixis in Cenchrus ciliaris and its implication for improvement

  • Teressa, Alemayehu
  • Habte, Ermias
  • Muktar, Meki S.
  • Sartie, Alieu
  • Jones, Christopher S.